June 12, 2024

Dental care is a crucial activity that needs attention for every age group. Contrary to the popular myth, children between the age of 3-12 years do need preventive treatment. Many parents assume that dental care in Canberra is limited to the adults since children are safe from any kind of tooth damage due to their tender age.

In reality, infants and preschoolers require dental care treatments as preventive means or even to fix incurred oral damages. Children’s dental care treatments are milder than that of adults. Several dental clinics specialize in children’s oral health and hygiene that include services like fixing broken teeth, getting rid of cavities and tooth decay and cleansing. Thus, dental care in Canberra is a beneficial service that has been gaining popularity with widespread awareness.

5 Most Efficient Dental Care Treatments for Kids

Dental care in Canberra revolves around multiple clinics and dental health professionals. They specialize in a variety of treatment services for children. We have listed down 5 most effective dental care treatments that would solve common dental health problems among kids.

1.   Mouthguards

Mouthguards for children is a preventive dental care measure that is offered by every dental professional for the well being of your child’s teeth and gums from external damage. Children are more prone to injuries and mouthguards play a beneficial role for kids.

They perform an inclusive range of functions like preventing the teeth from incurring heavy damages from fractures and avulsions, protecting the gums and jawbones from bruising and wounds and also protects the mouth from any kind of dislocations and fractures.

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2.   Teeth cleaning

Over time, your young one’s teeth need cleansing to get rid of tartar and plaque that might lead to early decaying of teeth. Without proper treatment, plaque keeps culminating in the inner layers of your kid’s mouth, which might be difficult to eradicate with regular brushing.

Dental care experts have specialist instruments that can clean children’s teeth with proper precaution measures designed for children’s tender teeth. Your child’s teeth must be cleaned with professional dental assistance every six months for the best results.

3.   Dental Sealants

Sealants act as shields for cavity-prone areas of your child’s mouth. These are fluid-like substances that are used to fill the grooves of the molars. It is to be noted here, that sealants are effective only if the grooves are deep enough to let the substance solidify. It usually takes a couple of minutes for the sealants to solidify.

However, these sealants need to be filled coherently by dental experts or it will break free, exposing the child to cavity by the accumulation of plaque. Sealants prevent the teeth from coming in contact with the food during chewing.

4.   Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a proven and most-trusted naturally-occuring material to prevent tooth decay. This substance is added to many mouth cleansers and dental products for kids. A common cause of tooth decay can be the accumulation of acid from different food items containing starch that damages the protective layer or enamel of the young one’s teeth.

The primary function of fluoride is to penetrate the enamel and make it more resistant to acid, thus preventing untimely decay. Thus, fluoride treatment is a popular strategy of   dental care in Canberra for children.

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5.   Gap maintainers

Gap or space maintainers are either fixed or detachable appliances made of metal or acrylic. These artificial appliances are used to fill the gap caused by a missing tooth. They are extremely comfortable and easy to use and keep the vacant place occupied until a new tooth grows in its place.

These space maintainers are highly popular among kids and are affordable and convenient to implant.


Summing up, dental care in Canberra is more advanced and well-equipped than it was before. Several dental health experts suggest that your child should visit a dentist at least twice a year to ensure the overall oral well-being.

The above list covers 5 major dental treatments for your children, however, you must know that it is not limited to the mentioned ones. You must consult a dental professional and get the required assistance.

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