June 19, 2024

Living in Dubai doesn’t mean you have to miss out on seeing some of the beautiful desert landscapes surrounding the city, and with these top 10 desert safaris in Dubai, you can see all the landscapes you’ve always dreamed of seeing, and they’re just within driving distance! So leave your 9-to-5 job behind and let the open skies and wide open deserts transport you to a whole new world with our top 10 desert safaris in Dubai!

 Dubai Desert Safari

A Dubai desert safari is a must-do if you’re looking for a truly unique Dubai tourist experience. Not only do they give you an insight into local life and culture, but it’s also an excellent way to see some stunning desert landscapes on one of our many luxury 4×4 or 6×6 vehicles. Some tours include stops at landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Sheik Zayed Mosque and Jumeirah Mosque; others take in sand dunes and lakes filled with flamingos. For those who are traveling with kids, camel rides are usually included – although be warned that it can get quite hot out there!


Dubai desert safari is located in Dubai city and a very popular spot for tourists. Tourists coming to Dubai want to visit Dubai desert safari as well. So there are several companies providing a big range of options for Dubai desert safari tours. The desert safari also takes you through serene dunes with unique sand dunes. These sand dunes make it an even more entertaining trip for adventure lovers.

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 Dubai desert safari price

Dubai desert safari is cheap and affordable. They provide different packages for both domestic and international tourists. They offer activities like camel rides, dune bashing and many more. The charges of Dubai desert safari are very less in comparison to other companies. If you are planning a trip to Dubai then don’t forget to visit Dubai desert safari once in your lifetime experience.

 Dubai desert safari review

Dubai desert safari is one of the most popular Dubai tour packages, we provide the best and comfortable dune bashing experience in Dubai. We are providing a 4×4 drive safari in the Dubai desert which is a great package for you if you are planning to visit Dubai soon. If you have decided what to do in Dubai, then it would be a great idea to book a Dubai desert safari package with us because it will save your time and money when planning a Dubai trip. We have been specializing in Dubai desert safari services for the last seven years so we can organize the best travel packages for our customers.

 The thrill and beauty of dune bashing

Dubai is known for its skyscrapers, luxury hotels and beaches; but a lesser-known attraction is its desert safari adventures. The thrill of dune bashing (also called sand surfing) is an exciting way to see Dubai’s desert expanses. You’ll be able to drive 4×4 vehicles across windy deserts and climb up—and down—dunes as high as 500 feet (150 meters). If you want to fully immerse yourself in Arabian culture, try a camel trek.

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 Best Dubai tour operators

Dubai is a must-visit place for your next vacation. There are countless Dubai tours to choose from and each one offers something different. This diversity allows you to plan numerous vacations in Dubai within a short span of time. For example, if you have limited time in Dubai, try planning a half-day tour and pack it with some fun activities that will keep you busy. But when it comes to treks and safaris, Dubai has an extensive list of desert safari operators who will ensure that all your adventure needs are met. Here’s our list of top ten Dubai desert safari tours

 What to wear on a desert safari?

When heading out on a desert safari in Dubai, you will be spending a lot of time outdoors so it’s vital to make sure you are dressed appropriately. The temperature during these excursions can range from below freezing to over 50 degrees Celsius. Make sure that you pack plenty of water and sunblock (particularly if you will be visiting in winter), plus wear lightweight layers such as long-sleeved tops, a hat, sunglasses and comfortable clothing. You’ll also want to wear sturdy walking shoes or boots and take along some snacks for energy!

 Where to eat in Dubai?

Dubai is famous for its restaurants, so there are a ton of choices that won’t break your budget. One thing to remember when you’re planning a night out is that most places serve alcohol only in one part of their establishment; non-Muslim-friendly places have to have a special license for serving booze, and those licenses cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So if you walk into an Arabian restaurant or club and it’s in a section separate from where people are eating or drinking, that’s why. Many hotels also have great buffets with tons of options – my go-to is usually Japanese food since Dubai has some amazing sushi joints. Bottom line: Restaurants aren’t cheap but they’re doable.

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 How long does the tour last?

Dubai is perhaps best known for its opulent shopping malls, world-class golf courses and skyscrapers, which shoot up high above the desert. But while visitors may want to take in all that glitz and glamor on their visit to Dubai, nothing beats getting out into nature where you can experience some of its wonders firsthand. For those looking for a taste of adventure that’s close to home.

 What are some tips while planning a trip to Dubai?

What are some tips while planning a trip to Dubai? Plan your desert safari around sunset, when temperatures will cool off and you’ll be able to capture stunning photos of silhouetted dunes against an orange-and-red sky. To get a real sense of scale, consider renting an all-terrain vehicle for your adventure—just make sure you bring a map and that your driver knows where he or she is going. If you’re lucky, one might even spot a falcon or two soaring over dunes in search of prey. Whatever time of day you decide to go on safari.

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