June 12, 2024

People living in their shall have one thing in common. They think they are perfect in every way and they have the best of everything. For a while ago I was one of them. I thought being the cool mom means the kids also take you as a cool mom. But the point is there is a major chance that the definition of being cool is different for you and the kids. Turned out that giving the kids space, and allowing them most of the things they want to do is not a sign of being cool. It is quite opposite. Many of the mothers in my circle were using parental control. Some of them were even very verbal about it but honestly, I always thought that maybe their kids deserve that not mine. My kids deserve all the freedom and space. Turned out it was in my mind only and the kids were crossing the limits in the cover of enjoying a sane and free life.  The kid got caught selling drugs in the school. The school authorities were forgiving enough to let him go with some extra hours every week for volunteer work and therapy. But I was shocked. 

  • NCBI states that roughly 3.4% young generation has confessed to selling drugs. 

Now I have been very vocal about how the use of spy apps for android or monitoring software can damage the kid’s morale. But turned out that only if I have been using such apps I would know what my kid is doing with his life. So it was a big shock and a lesson that no matter how much you try to be the good one there is no guarantee that you will receive the same good treatment as well. Thus at the end of the day, I was convinced that I need a reliable spy app for android for my kid. I learned about some stuff in my journey to find an efficient app. I have penned down basic steps for all of you. 

Know About Operating Systems:

Before buying any spy app make sure you know everything about the operating system for which you need a spy app. Check and double-check before investing whether the specific spy app supports your operating system or not. There is a spy app for android and a spy app for iPhone. The TheOneSpy is different as it offers its services for both types of operating systems. Not just that you can even use it for Windows and Mac as well. 

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Be Very Clear About What You Need:

Be very clear about what are you looking for in a spy app for android or iPhone. For example, I like the app that is simple and easy to use, offer pocket-friendly bundles and supports all kinds of operating systems. The TheOneSpy spy app fulfils all of my wishes. 

What To Do: 

Get the bundle you like the most in the spy app for android like the TheOneSpy. Once you are done with that, the next step is installation. The installation needs physical access to the target device. Once the installation is done you can handle everything remotely.  

How to Choose:

Choose the bundle that covers the maximum of the features. Now TheOneSpy spy app for android is different as it offers all types of basic and advanced features in all types of bundles. Be free to choose a monthly or even yearly bundle as you will enjoy all types of features without any discrimination.  

How To Use:

It is a cloud-based app. Moreover, you can even control the recording features through the control panel. 

My life has been so much fun since I started using the TheOneSpy spy app for android. Now I have realised why most parents prefer keeping an eye on their kids through the use of monitoring software. It is fun it gives a sense of control and most importantly it helps to make sure your kid is doing fine. The spy app for android is the best way to manage all the digital life of the kids.  The TheOneSpy offers three different kinds of bundles for its users. You can choose the monthly, yearly or bundle for six months.   

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