June 25, 2024
Solar Panel Installer in Limerick

With increasing demand of electricity new,innovative,sustainable and eco friendly ways are now discovered by people to meet the required electricity and for that solar panels are a great alternative the new evolution on solar world even has their market shares shoot up but and are becoming highly aware amongst people besides it great generation of energy ,low maintenance ,one time investment , protection from national grid system but with all the advantages comes great disadvantages 

Disadvantages are:

  1. High initial costs for material and installation by solar installer boulder and long ROI (however, with the reduction in the cost of solar over the last 10 years, solar is becoming more cost feasible every day) but this decreases the buyers confidence since after all its skeptical and risk games  
  2.  Its needs a lots of space as efficiency is not 100% yet plus the roof orientation matters a lot it should sit well with symmetry of solar panels 
  3. Since solar is dependent on sun hence no solar power at night so there is a need for a large battery bank which can be used at times heavy load 
  4. Those devices are more expensive that run on DC power directly. Due to lower voltage of direct current power systems, the current ratings escalated at fast speed for greater power ratings. Eg. There is current rating of eight thirty four amperes of ten thousand watt solar system running on 12 v dc bus.
  5. It becomes very difficult and costly to manage such a high current rating.as solar panels generally are effective when high power solar are pertained hence to control large power the cabling, switchgear and other costs are increased hence removing any other smaller benefits.
  6.  As discussed earlier the landscape of the roof determines the ranges of panels to be installed depending on geographical location the size of the solar panels vary for the same power generation 
  7. As solar works solely on sun ray so changes in weather where it is cloudy not produce as much energy
  8. Due to a shortage of materials and technology, solar panels are not mass-produced in large enough quantities to be economical (this is starting to change)
  9. Lower solar production in the winter months and this can be critical because seasonal changes are long termed 
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But the main disadvantages  which are mostly taken in view are; 

 Major Solar energy Disadvantages #1 – Relying on the weather

Although solar panels provided by superior solar are being the most environmentally friendly alternative since it has no pollutants etc but still doesn’t over power consumers trust is mentioned below.

However, solar panels have a big disadvantage  if the sun doesn’t shine, no electricity is generated! This is one of the biggest drawbacks of installation .The limitation of solar panels is that it is  highly dependent on sun rays. If solar panels are blocked by clouds which hinder sunlight , power output will drop. This is one of the drawbacks compared to geothermal , for example, which is available all the time. However, solar still has significant advantages over the extinction of renewable resources.

Solar panels don’t work at night #2

Although research into solar panels that work at night is ongoing, they don’t yet exist in any viable form, so it must be considered one of the main disadvantages of solar power has its optimum performance at round day time in 4-5 hours.hence a bigger and powerful battery and it well equipped systems are used to supply electricity in the household for later usage however during the sunrise and sunset the power reduces drastically since light intensity falls down.

Disadvantages of solar energy to the environment #3

The third  is very important and shouldn’t be minimized – although they are very clean in operation, solar panels are potential pollutants.once they are disposed off they can’t be recycled and great time to decompose it can also emit harmful rays once the chemicals expires Solar panel manufacturers give warranties between 25 to 30 years, guaranteeing output up to 85% to 90% after that time.This means that the panels can be used over a period of 50 years and since we root about the one time investment then why would homeowners recklessly throw it.

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Now hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of solar panels are being installed right now and these will be scrapped in 25 years. Where are they going to go?

There is research held on how the usable panels can be recycled but there are so many problems coming in this process.

At the current time it seems as though the easiest (and worst) solution will be to bury them in landfills. Some are metals are aluminum ,copper ,lead silver Etc

The heavy metals will leach out in the atmosphere with time so it is not considered a good long-term solution. It’s considered that this disadvantage is more than outweighed by the environmental impact of those by fossil fuels

In the end we analyzed that as much as solar is beneficial it can be harmful for the environment too in the long run.

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