June 12, 2024

Does your business involve using plastic cards such as a medical card, loyalty membership card, gift card, student ID, employee ID, or any other card to promote offers? If yes, you will realize the importance of barcoding to the process. A plastic card is the easiest and most reliable means to store a vast array of information. A plastic card barcode can help your business to run smoothly and efficiently.

One of the biggest merits of having a barcode as a part of your plastic card is that it helps in identifying individuals – something that is really crucial while working with a wide number of people. Apart from that, it helps in keeping a track of a wide variety of data. Due to these reasons, many businesses are now using card barcode readers. Initially, used in the retail industry, barcode scanners are now used across multiple industries to keep a track of inventory. 

Applications of Barcodes on Plastic Cards

  • Retail: Plastic cards with QR codes act as great marketing and communication toolboxes in retail businesses. They enhance the brand image by reflecting a sense of modernity to the point of sale. Moreover, it also improves customer experiences by providing extended information about products, services, offers, and deals. Retail stores can use barcoded plastic cards to promote gift cards, loyalty cards, product labels, promotion labels, and product certificates.
  • Events: Sports and cultural events can also benefit from using plastic cards with QR codes. In the sports and events sector, the barcodes can provide essential information to the visitors about the event. Not only that but it can also be used for providing automated access control to the stadiums, fairs, ski resorts, and several other venues. For instance, when a plastic card barcode is used in a restaurant, it helps the visitors to view the food menu with the rates. Some of the common applications of cards with QR codes in the event sector include movie passes, visitor badges, festival passes, ski lift passes, etc.
  •  Business: The barcode badge in businesses is primarily used for access control. Both the office staff and the visitors can use such ID badges to enter the building premises, depending on the streamlined policies. However, the usages of QR code cards are not just limited to this. Plastic cards with QR codes can also be used for accessing coffee machines, snack machines, printers, and other purposes too within the office space. 
  • Healthcare: In healthcare centers, plastic cards with QR codes are usually used as patient cards, test certificates, or vaccination certificates. The main objective of a patient card is to help with follow-ups such as appointments, reminders, information on treatments, ideal dosages, access to medical records, access to test reports, etc. 
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Benefits of Using Plastic Card Barcodes

QR codes undoubtedly play a vital role in our daily lives. It has quickly gained incredible popularity across a myriad of industries within a few years. The benefits offered by barcoded plastic cards pave the way for a more sustainable future in various processes. So, what makes a card barcode so popular? 

  • Convenient to Use: Easy usage is one of the most essential factors associated with advancements in technology. That said, a plastic card with a QR code is quite easy to use. It can be quickly read without the help of any special application. The camera on a smartphone is enough to scan a QR code.
  • Flexible: Barcodes can be used to transfer information or trigger an action automatically. Furthermore, QR codes can also be used to duplicate information digitally and share it more quickly. 
  • Long-Lasting: While paper cards can be easily damaged and only be used for promotions, plastic cards with QR codes are highly durable and can be used for a multitude of purposes. Unlike other print media, barcoded ID badges are less likely to become obsolete.
  • Affordable: Barcodes offer a few functionalities of electronic chips. Although the chip component and the equipment to configure the QR code involve some costs, the barcode itself involves just printing. Therefore, a plastic QR code card offers access to advanced technology at a low cost.

Generating Barcodes on Plastic Cards

Now that you know the applications and advantages of plastic card barcodes, let’s find out how to generate QR codes on plastic cards.

It’s really easy to create a QR code on a plastic card, however, the only requirements involved in the process are:

  • Easy to use consumables such as Plastic cards and ribbons.
  • A premium quality plastic card printer.
  • A highly efficient QR code and card design generator. 
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Bottom Line

Hope this blog helped you understand why plastic card manufacturing with QR codes is so popular. Today, barcode cards play an important role in a wide range of businesses. So, if you want to keep a track of your business data and ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently, start using plastic barcode cards. 

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