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The Darry Ring,or DR Jewelry,is a Chinese jewelry and specialty retailer,headquartered in Shenzhen,which was established in Hong Kong,China,in the Eighties of the Twentieth Century.The products of the brand utilize ID-based real-name system,meaning that a man can customize only one ring for his only love with his ID number in the whole life].In the year of 1985, Darry Ring established first brand store in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong.Darry Ring produces,researches and develops, designs and retails jewelry,in particular the engagement rings.

What Finger Does the Engagement Ring Go on?

For couples who are just entering the engagement phase, they may be faced with all sorts of unknown questions. Especially after purchasing a diamond engagement ring, they may ask what finger does the engagement ring go on.

When it comes to tradition, engagement ring finger has remained fairly consistent over time. However, as modern cultures have become more diverse, the customs of different countries and regions regarding engagement ring finger for female and male have become more and more individual. Therefore, it is important to discuss the essentials of wearing a diamond engagement ring.

engagement ring finger

Customs of Engagement Ring

Understanding the customs of wearing an engagement ring will help you to fully understand the question of which finger to wear an engagement ring on. The same applies to which finger to wear a promise ring and what hand is a wedding ring worn on.

● History of engagement ring finger for female

In most Western cultures, a woman’s engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand – known as the ring finger. The custom of women wearing their engagement rings on their left ring finger dates back to an ancient Roman belief that the ring finger of the left hand contained a vein that led directly to the human heart. Because of this connection to the heart, they referred to it as the river of love, or the “vein of love”. Wearing a woman’s engagement ring on left ring finger indicates that she holds her lover close to her heart, and considers her lover as important as her heart. This tradition has continued to this day and is widely accepted for its romantic meaning.

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However, in many Eastern cultures and some specific European countries, such as Denmark, Italy, Norway and Spain, they prefer to wear an engagement ring for women on the fourth finger of the right hand. This traditional practice can also be traced back to ancient Rome, when the left hand was considered unreliable. And in some Asian cultures, the left hand would be considered unclean and therefore not the best choice for the engagement ring finger for females.

● History of engagement ring finger for male

Historically, men did not wear engagement rings because the gift of an engagement ring to a woman was a symbol of paying a dowry for the woman to marry into. But with the development of modern wedding culture, the wearing of men ‘s engagement rings is gaining momentum, especially in the United States, Chile and Sweden. For a long time, it has been a commonly accepted practice for men to wear engagement rings. This is because for many people, men wear an engagement ring as a sign of a more equal partnership between two people or as a symbol of their commitment to each other.

What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go on?

In modern culture, which finger to wear is an engagement ring for females? In fact, if you are a woman receiving an engagement ring for the first time, the engagement ring finger for women is chosen in most modern popular cultures to be on the ring finger of the left hand and will remain there until the wedding ceremony.

As for in which finger to wear engagement ring for male, the engagement ring finger for male remains the same as the engagement ring finger for female, where the it is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This is the most common practice for men to wear engagement rings, but it is certainly not the only way or finger. For example, in Chile, it is customary for men to wear engagement rings on their right ring finger rather than their left hand. Many men also choose the right ring finger as the engagement ring finger foe male, or even wear it on a chain as a necklace.

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When it comes time for the wedding ceremony, the couple will exchange wedding rings and the engagement ring finger for female and male will usually be transferred to the right ring finger or remain on the left ring finger but worn in front of the wedding band. This is done because the wedding ring, the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, is usually worn closest to the heart, while the engagement ring should be worn on the outside.

engagement ring finger for female

What Other Ways to Wear an Engagement Ring?

After the wedding and during the marriage, tastes and styles change and the opportunity to wear a diamond engagement ring decreases, but there are still several ways to continue wearing your diamond engagement ring.

(1) Traditionally, both the wedding band and the engagement ring can be worn on the ring finger of the left hand at the same time. You can still wear your wedding band on your left ring finger after the wedding, followed by your engagement ring. Before the wedding, you can customize your wedding band in a similar style to your engagement ring so that it doesn’t look out of place when you wear them together.

(2) If you’re looking for a personalized presentation, you can still choose your left ring finger as a wedding ring finger and right ring finger for an engagement ring finger.

(3) If you tend to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together forever, your other option is to solder them together so that they become one ring. This is a great option because the rings can thus match perfectly and even symbolize the bond of marriage.

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(4) You can also wear your unique engagement ring on a chain to better protect it if you need to rub your fingers a lot in your work.

In any case, while there are traditional customs for engagement ring fingers, there are no absolute rules. As with designing and choosing your diamond engagement ring, it is a very personal and unique experience, and you are perfectly capable of wearing your own distinctive engagement ring in a way that is comfortable for you.

DR diamond engagement ring

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