May 18, 2024

If you want to purchase a new vehicle and drive on the road, the registration process for the vehicle is extremely important. Only when you have registered the vehicle with the relevant authority (DVLA in the UK) will you be able to drive the vehicle on public roads. The number plate registration process for the vehicle creates a legal identity and vehicle documentation to permit the vehicle to be used on the road in accordance with the authority of the UK government. There are rules and regulations that apply to the vehicle number plate registration process. So, what is the law governing the use of number plates?

Why are number plates important for the vehicle?

If you’ve ever worried about the vehicle registration process, whether the fashionable 4D number plate is legal or not, or how small a registration number may be shown on a motorcycle, this article has the answers. You may be seeking to personalize your car with a set of personalized plates, or you may simply be wondering about the regulations regarding registration numbers and how they are displayed. While the requirements for number plates may appear lengthy and difficult at times, it is critical that you know them completely in order to prevent negative results. If you do not follow the government requirements, you may face fines of up to a thousand pounds if you are caught on the road or your car may fail its yearly MOT test. The current registration plate format is two letters followed by two numbers and three letters. The first two letters are the DVLA’s memory tag and indicate the location of a vehicle’s registration. The next two numbers indicate the vehicle’s age and are collected from a specific code that can determine exactly when it was registered. 

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Number plates design and size:

First, all of the characters on your plate, both letters and numerals must be of identical height. Characters on plates acquired between January 1, 1973, and September 1, 2001, are legally obliged to be 89 mm tall. Plates purchased after these dates should have a height of 79 mm. Another regulation that applies to your license plate is the distance between each character. The laws governing plates registered after September 1, 2001, and before January 1, 1973, require 11mm between each displayed character and 33mm between the age identification and memory tag.

Many riders seek the smallest plate possible to place on their bike to simplify its appearance. This is sometimes impacted by how bikes are sold, with the number of plates advertised is usually significantly smaller than those commonly seen in use. 

Two-wheeler registration process:

There are no restrictions in the United Kingdom that determine the size of your motorcycle’s number plate; however, there are standards for the size of the characters shown on it. While most normal automobiles in the UK must have number plates with characters 50mm wide by 79mm high, motorbikes can follow the rules of the road with characters 44mm wide by 64mm high. 

The registration digits of a 3D gel number plate are lifted from the plate made of high-quality polyurethane glue. The legality of using stick-on number plates is a frequently discussed issue in automotive forums. Previously used on a range of cars, most notably vintage E-type Jaguars, current rules require that number plates follow particular laws to avoid fines on the road or failing their MOT.

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The requirements for 3D and 4D number plates:

According to current legislation, number plates must be made of a BSAU 145e compliant reflective material and must have the official British Safety Standard marked on the face of the plate confirming this. The number plates should not be obscured in any way; thus, if you have tinted number plates, you are likely to be breaking the rules.

In recent years, the increased usage of 3D and 4D plates has produced a grey area because the bold letters and numbers are not affected by plate coloring. Due to the nature of the design of these number plates, the numbers and letters on the registration plate remain completely visible and they cannot be obscured. However, no number plates should be tinted type number plates and if they are then they should only be used as custom plates and not for road use. 

The manufacturing process of vehicle number plates:

Automakers have long recognized the demand of auto buyers to personalize their brand-new vehicles. They now provide limitless combinations of features, providing customers with a simple outlet where they may customize their vehicles at a reasonable cost. Personalized number plates are the perfect way to express ownership of their vehicle for many drivers, and they are ready to pay hundreds to thousands of pounds for the opportunity of having one. The market for personalized number plates is expanding, with both old and new plates selling for high values across the board. 


The vehicle registration process is essential when purchasing a new vehicle. The registration process or number plate registration gives you legal authority in combination with your road tax to drive on public roads.

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