April 17, 2024

Igatpuri is a stunning hill station and stunning landscape that is located situated in the Sahyadri Hills of Western Ghats has gained lots of attention in the winter months because of its breathtaking landscape and stunning views. Igatpuri is a dream for those who love nature and other leisure pursuits. Old castles, magnificent mountains, roaring waterfalls and stunning conditions make it the most idyllic spot on the planet.

It is not only a beautiful tiny village awe-inspiring in its landscape, but it’s also full of the past and culture. Instead of rushing to the big cities and retaining an uninviting atmosphere Igatpuri is a must on any bucket list. There are a lot of amazing places to explore in Igatpuri which will keep you coming back in the area and continue exploring all parts of the city.

Best Places To Visit In Igatpuri

  1. Sandhan Valley Trek

This deep ravine in Central Highlands in Sahyadri is also among the top risky and difficult mountain trails. Sandhan Valley is situated near Bandardara close to Igatpuri. If you go through this Sanhan Valley you will see that this isn’t only a vacation, but an entire collection of memories and rock climbing, taking in campfires and the stars. The Sandan valley is situated between three castles, Alang, Madan and Kulang.

  1. Kalsubai Trek

Mt. Kalsubai is renowned for being the highest point in the Sahyadri range and is considered to be an extremely well-known destinations that you can visit within Igatpuri. It is famous for its spectacular views of the stunning Mountains of Bhandardara. Kalsubai Peak is known as the Everest of Maharashtra because it is the highest mountain in Maharashtra.

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The summit also gives the possibility to hike and explore the summit but in a highly risky manner. The hike, however, is very steep and difficult and even the most experienced trekkers might have trouble reaching the summit. If you do not want to climb to the top, there are man-made steps to get to the summit.

  1. Tringalwadi Fort

It is located at 3000m above sea level, it is the Trialwadi castle which is among the most well-known spots to see in Igatpuri. The castle is situated behind that of the Ghatandevi Temple and is known for its breathtaking panoramas of the universe. The castle is a favorite among walkers and climbers alike. One of the most distinctive aspects of the castle is that it’s castle’s top is shaped like a turban, and it is possible to see the entire of the mountain from the castle’s top. A lake also exists close to the Hanuman temple, which draws visitors. Consider it an one of the intriguing spots to visit in Igatpuri.

  1. Vipassana Fort

The Vipassana Center is among the most visited tourist destinations in Igatpuri is known for its Buddhist instructions for people seeking inner peace and spiritual growth. The Vipassana Center was established in the year 1896 by S. N. Goenka and is an mutt that offers meditation classes. The entryway into the Vipassana center has a massive gold pagoda. It also marks the apex of Igatpuri. The place is frequented by hundreds of tourists, who do not just are in from India as well, but from all over the globe.

  1. Bhatsa River Valley
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It is said that the Bhatsa Valley of the River is among the most well-known spots to see located in Igatpuri and is renowned for its panoramic perspectives of the rivers, its surrounding plains, and the majestic hills. This region is not less than a paradise bursting with lush greenery, and during the time of rain, the world is filled with fog and waterfalls. It is situated at the foot of the magnificent Bhatha River, rich in stunning foliage and gorgeous rock forms.

  1. Camel Valley

Camel Valley is one of the most stunning and well-known tourist spots in Igatpuri. It is situated close to the Bassa River Bassa and is among the most beautiful locations to travel to in Igatpuri. The waterfalls are attractive and can be missed because they aren’t the only waterfalls to merge into one well. Explore this valley and take in the unique waterfalls. It is among the most picturesque places to visit in Igatpuri.

  1. Ghatandevi Temple

Ghatandevi is the god of the temple, is considered to be the guardian of the Ghats. The temple is situated in a stunning valley, and is believed that it is a stunning scene. The ambience of the temple is tranquil and serene and creates an underlying faith in the worshippers.

  1. Kulanggad

Kulanggad is one of the most picturesque spots that you can visit within Igatpuri is a magnificent mountain located in Maharashtra often referred to as the tallest castle in Maharashtra. The castle’s summit is at 4800 feet, and gives a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. Some of the peaks visible from here include Kalusbai, Dakoba, and Naneghat. The castle is still home to the remnants of several rooms, that resemble shops. The entrance to the castle , there is a huge cave. Inside, you will observe large water tanks as well as cisterns. To reach a fortress you must climb the stairs.

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