May 19, 2024

Apart from the zodiac signs, the constellation also have a right over the parts of the body of Kaal Purus. Kalpurush is that ideal person of astrology on whom all the houses, signs, palnets and constellations are implanted. The study proceeds only with respect to kaal purush. According to the Nakshtra in which you were born, that part of your body is mainly affected. As the situation prevails in the horoscope of the rest of the Nakshatras,the effects of the planets, the houses of which those constellations represent, their effects also get included.

Planetary constellations exert their own influence at different places on the earth, due to which different types of species, trees, plants and minerals are born. In the same way, each planet has negative and positive effects on the body also. If you come to know that which part of your body is getting damaged, then you will also know that by which planet it is being affected, then surely you will be able to take measures for that planet. So let’s know which planet has its effect on which part of the body.

Surya :- the sun is the place in the body in the center of the head. The effect of the sun remains on the brain and our intellect. Sun also affects our bones, pancreas, head, eyes and heart.

Moon :- There is an effects of moon on the heart and water of the body. This affects our mind. It teaches to imagine. Moon also affects our will and lungs.

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Mercury:- there is an effect of mercury on tongue, teeth and nostrils. This governs our speech, behavior and intellect. It makes us capable and learned. Mercury also affects our digestive systems, skin and air.

Guru:- the effects of Guru remains on the nose and the air of the body. If the air in the body is good, then both knowledge and luck will be good. Guru also influences our knowledge, bile and fat.

Shukra:- The effect of venus remains on semen, juice and skin. If it is good then the person will be attractive as well as he will enjoy wealth and female happiness. Venus also affects our genitals.

Saturn :- The affect of Saturn remains on the bone and the navel. If the bones in the body are not strong, then nothing will be right. The navel is the center og our life. Saturn being good means that the person will be knowledgeable and meditative. Saturn also affects our knees, heels, nerves and phlegm.

Rahu:- There is an effect of Rahu on the top of the head and on the face. Rahu also affects our intestines.

Ketu:-  Ketu is form the throat to the heart and the effect of ketu remains on the feet. If the legs are weak if you keep rotting then ketu will be ineffective.  If good, then the person will be good in aystical science. Ketu also affects our intestines.

There are some Nakshtras

  • Kritika is the constellation of the sun and its effect is on the head.
  • Rohini is the constellation of the moon and its effect on the forehead.
  • Aadra is constellation of the Rahu and its effect on the eyes.
  • Punarvasu is the constellation of the Jupiter and its effect on the nose.
  • Pushya is the constellation of Saturn and its effect is on the face.
  • Ashlesha is the constellation of mercury and its effect is on the ears.
  • Magha is the constellation of ketu and its effect is on the lips and chin.
  • Purva phalguni is the constellation of venus and its effect is on the right hand.
  • Swati is the constellation of Rahu and its effect is on the lungs .
  • It is worth mentioning that when a planet is in conjunction with another planet in the horoscope, its effect changes. Like Jupiter and venus together become moon. Similarly, other planets together turn into other planets. Then their effect would be different. In this way, if a planet, then there effect would be different. In this way, if a planet, then there will be disease related to it. For example, due to the presence of a possibility of eye diseases. If not, then the person will be more angry.
  • Each Nakshtra has a specific effect on a certain part of the body. Now the results are given according to the planets which are sitting in these nakshtras and the houses that these Nakshtras represent. This sequence of constellations remains in the kundali of kaal purush, now if one’s Kritika constellation is affected, then there may be problems related of the head, if most of the planets of a person are in Ardra Nakshtra, then his eye-related disorders or features are visible. This effect in each horoscope can be seen keeping in mind the different effects. For more information about Nakshtra to contact Jyotish in Ahmedabad .

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