April 11, 2024

It’s that time of the week where I go ahead and check, review critique your work that is on our subreddit. The most upvoted get seen. So if you want to have your work on there and be featured in the blog, go ahead upload it and get it upvoted. So in this blog sponsored by Milanote, we’re going to be checking these out at. We’re going to have a good time today and learn some new things. Even if I don’t critique, your work will still be critiqued by the community.

There’s so many people that comment and help each other out. So make sure to still post. So the first one with the 100 upvotes is the Lanka Premier League logo concept for a contest. Okay. First of all, medical seo experts in 2022 really like it. It’s got a lot of movement fast energy in there. I like the way that it is sporty. You’ve gone with a really appropriate way of doing this.

I Think Everyone Would Agree

It works pretty well. I love the fact that you show in the early sketch. If this is your early sketch. I don’t know what you’re late one is. That’s a really nice sketch. There’s not much to really critique about this. It works super. Well, I’d like to see some mock-ups of this. Like on jersey, on a flag, on a stadium maybe. That would be more appropriate for me to see if I was the client. It’s super important to have these mock-ups. So I mean, that’s all I can really say.

The next one with 80 upvotes. I never really felt confident posting anything I have done. But today, I worked on a new logo for Nvidia, because I never like the current one. Let me know what you think. This is the current logo here, which is, you know, it’s a classic. We all know it, if you use computers, but again When it comes to the logo design process in the way that Everything’s been moved into this more minimalist era of design.

NvidiaIs Quite Old School

These sort of designs that we see, especially this Nvidia one is quite old school and it’s not as modern as it could be. What I like about your rebrand here. On the redesign even is that you’ve not alienated anyone. So, even if Nvidia were to use a logo like this. Let’s say, they did use this logo. No one will be alienated. You’ve used the brand colors and you’ve minimized and streamline the icon in something better. I love the typeface. It’s really cool. Really playful. Really rounded as well.

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I wouldn’t think in theory that I would like it to be rounded in comparison because this is very block. Maybe, that’s just me. But I like the way that you’ve done it. It could be also to do with the N being quite rounded at the start of Nvidia. When it comes to redesigning a logo. It’s really important. If they’ve got a customer base too. Not alienate. Not to make them think different of the company. Not do what Hermes have done. Essentially unless they have to.

Is NvidiaGood Band?

It is got a good reputation. So keeping it online and in tracking, just modernizing It’s what you need and you’ve done a great job with this. This would be a great portfolio piece to put on your portfolio. People will look at this and realize that, you know What you’re doing. Really balanced. Really consistent. The negative space is balanced and consistent in the center.

Not only that, the overall balance of it is there. So well done. Really good job. I’m going to give you an award actually. Because you deserve it. But I’ve got hardly any coins. So I’ll give you this heartwarming award. Well done. The next one. This is a client project. I did in early 2021. I would like to hear from you. Okay, it stands for Positive Vibes. As an entertainment company? I’m guessing, I’m gonna say, this is an entertainment. To positive there’s the P, vibes and entertainment.

It’s A Monogram

For any of you that may not know A monogram is essentially like a stamp. It’s a way of putting an initials into one icons. You can create a really abstract looking design like this based upon letters. First thing. It’s very unique. I like it. It’s balanced as well. You got the symmetry on point. It looks really good with that. So, PVE network is a platform for creators, enthusiasts Entrepreneurs and wholesome media interaction. That is way too much information dude.

This is so much information. I’m not reading all that. When you present in this do not give that much information. If you can’t describe the company in a sentence or a paragraph Then I think you need to simplify down. You need to really be able to explain the goals and the mission. And what the brand is there. When I’m critiquing these I’m not just looking at the design If I can, I look at the way that it works with the company.

First Question That Any Logo Designer Should Ask

Is it appropriate? This is I ask. Which is the first question that any logo designer should ask. Does it match expectations? Does it compete very well with the market? That last question, it doesn’t. Because it doesn’t seem to be very friendly. When it comes to companies if I’ve got it right. If it comes to companies like what you’re doing, you’ve got to sort of understand why they designed their logo in that way. And there’s a reason behind it. Especially if the competition is good, that they know what they’re doing. And they successful.

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With you this looks more like a gamer clan logo, in my opinion. Although the concept is there. The execution isn’t. Because you’ve missed out on a question. This just probably my unpopular opinion, but you missed out the question on whether this will actually work for the company itself. But a lot of people like this. For me, the design looks good, but the execution when it comes to designing it for the brand itself, it doesn’t because of what I’ve said before. Before I go to the next one.

Graphic Design Is Quite Messy

I just want to quickly thank the sponsor of this blog and don’t click away because this sponsor is actually going to help you a lot. Design, especially graphic design is quite messy. You seen the process of me designing logos. I have like loads of artboards with the hundreds of variations of logos. I have loads of notes, ideas. I have the creative brief. I have the mood board. It gets a bit crazy. Well, Milanote is tool to help you keep the early stages of the process on track.

We use Milanote here because it helps us keep on track. Not only with the client brief, but we can see each other. What we’re doing together whilst we’re designing or another Milestone pops up. For instance, when we’re mood boarding, it’s good to have a mood board that everyone can see. Seems how our team is sort of displaced from our town, a town away from ours and you know, Thousands of miles in between as well.

MilanoteIs A Great Tool

It’s really nice to have. It allows you to brainstorm to have a creative brief in there. Allows you to put all your work in there. In fact, when we’re working with clients, depending on which client I may invite them to the mood board to collaborate so I can actually just drag and drop the work. As I’m doing it with the into the mood board. Into the actual Milanote board. It makes it so much easier for them to view the work and Download fonts, assets that I’m given to them as well.

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Milanote can be a private place to work To have your ideas or it could be a collaborative experience where You can invite certain people in. If you’re working on any creative or complex projects right now. Milanote will actually help you keep those things on track. So go ahead, click the link in the description. It’s free to sign up and use. So go ahead, try it out. And let me know what you think.

Loads Of Other Designers On Youtube

We use Milanote all the time and it’s not just me, loads of other Designers on YouTube using too. Honestly, they’re really good. Check them out. This next one, Feedback Wanted A school project where we needed to come up with a museum idea and Create a logo for it. Museum of Unanswered Questions. That sounds really good. Museum of Unanswered Questions Bring the excitement and sparks curiosity around mankind’s biggest mysteries.

What is dark matter? How did life start on Earth? Dude, I really like this idea of a museum. You must create. It could even be like an online Museum. Like a web Museum. Okay, so I’m getting off track here. I love the idea, by the way. What a cool school project is to be a part of. The Museum of Unanswered Questions. So I’m guessing you know, what you’ve created here. In the icon.

Few Seconds To Look At This Design

I’m probably missing something because I’ve only got a few seconds to look at this design but it’s a question mark, obviously. A really abstract question mark. I really like that. I love the clean fonts that you used here. The design is abstract, but makes sense. Bright and vibrant colors. I really do like it. It’s kind of edgy as well. You’ve done a good job here.

I mean, I wish I saw more mock-ups of things that you do see in a museum, just to get more of an understanding. I like a bit more of an explanation towards the design as well. I know you’ve given this but it doesn’t really explain it too well. But all in all, really cool project. Really like the work. And you’ve already got some awards.

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Reviewing Amazing Logo Redesigns

If you want to have your work on there and be featured in the blog, go ahead upload it and get it upvoted.

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