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If you’re interested in the character of Vampire Diaries, you’ve come to the right place. This article explains his history, including his relationship with Elena, his relationship with Elijah, and his thoughts on suicide. The article also touches on his relationship with Bonnie and Lexi. In addition, it details his relationship with Jonas.


Lexi Salvatore is the younger sister of Damon Salvatore and his twin brother Stefan. She was close to her brothers even before Katherine came into the picture. When her illness threatened to take her life, she tried to tell them about it. But they refused to believe her.

Lexi and Stefan first met in 1864 when Stefan was overwhelmed by bloodlust. Lexi was a clairvoyant who helped him control his hunger. But Stefan was still unable to control his hunger, so the two of them broke up. Lexi, however, stayed by Stefan and rescued him. Lexi then visited him at the Grill in Mystic Falls and tried to turn his humanity switch back on. Damon was able to turn the switch back on, but not before Lexi’s life was in danger. Lexi eventually grew fond of him, and the two eventually engaged in wild sex.

Stefan is not in the mood for a party, but Lexi convinces him to go. Then, Elena knocks on the door, believing that Stefan and Lexi had slept together. Elena then tells Lexi about Stefan and tries to convince him to go back to the party. Stefan thanks Lexi for her help.

Lexi has been helping Stefan control his bloodlust for decades. As a result, she accompanied Stefan to New Orleans, Vampire Diaries where they met for a night of drinking. Later, Stefan approached Damon and revealed that he wanted to bury the hatchet with Damon. Afterward, the two hugged each other and said they would go to Egypt to fight in the war.

Elena’s traumatic life experiences made her believe that she loves Damon more than anyone else in the world. However, this was not true. After all, she had never been in love before.

Elena’s brother Elijah

Elijah is the brother of Damon and Elena. He is a vampire who is also born a human. He is also the first vampire in his family. His family became the first vampires because they were protected by witches who prevented them from becoming invulnerable. Elijah is now one of Stefan’s main rivals. Elena, however, wants Elijah to help her with the curse. Stefan, however, is reluctant to trust Elijah.

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Elijah is angry with Damon and Elena. He threatens to kill Elijah if he doesn’t find Katherine. Stefan, however, saves Elena and explains to him why Damon is angry with him. However, Elena doesn’t believe Damon’s words and is convinced that he is still in love with Elena.

Damon’s brother Elijah has a lot of secrets, especially about his father. He was never a normal high school student and has lived a crazy life. He’s not a vampire, but his family’s secrets are revealed, and he has to find them and solve the mystery to save his family. He also has a daughter. However, he doesn’t know what he is doing.

In the series, Elijah rescued Damon twice, but this time he was unable to save Elena. The sacrificial rituals he performed were also too painful for Elena. This made her a very angry man and he tried to hide his feelings from her. This way, Elijah could be a good brother to Elena.

Elijah and Damon are not a common pairing. It is unlikely that fans will ship them as an OTP, but there are a few stories that feature them as a romantic side pairing. The main difference between Elijah and Damon is that Elijah is usually the dominant one. This means that they rarely act as equals.

Damon’s relationship with Bonnie

Bonnie and Damon were once friends, but their relationship turned into something more. They met in an unexpected way, and had a passionate first kiss. This relationship allowed Bonnie to forget that she was in danger, and made her forget how much Damon had saved her. Ultimately, Bonnie came to realize that the lines between good and evil are often blurred.

When Bonnie asked Damon about his feelings, Damon felt awkward and uncomfortable. He was sure he was provoking her. He was afraid Bonnie was going to answer him, but he couldn’t let go. He tried to make her feel comfortable. Bonnie was in the right place, and her body was soft, so Damon could feel her skin on his breast.

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Bonnie is very different from Damon, but they do share many characteristics. Bonnie is more docile and humble, while Damon is vain and overconfident. They also have different personalities. Bonnie is a little more open and self-aware, while Damon is a bit more arrogant and boastful.

While Bonnie and Damon’s relationship is similar, they have different arcs. In the books, Bonnie and Damon date, and later get together. Damon is also more emotionally attached to Bonnie, and Bonnie is very protective of Damon. But, in the end, the book is more heartbreaking for Bonnie. In fact, the relationship between Bonnie and Damon is stronger than the show.

Damon’s relationship with Bonnie is incredibly complicated. While they were happy together at the beginning, there was a clear rift between their two personalities. Bonnie is a victim of the abuse, and Damon tries to avoid that by protecting Elena and Caroline from the consequences.

Damon’s suicidal thoughts

A few weeks after the events of The Vampire Diaries, Damon has started to have suicidal thoughts. One day, while walking in the woods, he is hit by an arrow and realizes that he has been targeted by one of the Five. Eventually, the hunter shoots him and snaps his neck.

He tells Elena about his thoughts, telling her he loves her and wants to help her find the cure. But Jeremy and Bonnie are interrupted. Damon demands to know where the cure is, and Shane tells him it’s in a cave deep beneath a well. Damon then asks Elena if she can stay with him, but she says that she’s too tired to get up.

Damon then returns to the boarding house, where he finds Elena, searching for bourbon. She offers to trade herself for hostages. However, he is not convinced, and calls her bluff. He starts undressing in front of her, and he asks if she wants to stay with him for the show. But Elena snaps out of it and explains that she has to find the stake in the lake, which Damon reveals to be a fake.

Damon’s suicidal thoughts become more apparent when he learns about his mother’s death. Elena is now able to save herself, but is terrified that Jeremy is still in danger. She is unable to speak with her parents, but she does tell him she’s worried.

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Elena has no idea that her mother has committed suicide. She’s afraid that her mother will find out about the secret and kill her. Elena is also worried that Damon will be left alone. But she tries to protect her brother by telling him that he is fine. When she doesn’t respond, Damon leaves. And when she asks him for forgiveness, she doesn’t want to be blamed for meeting her.

Damon’s relationship with Enzo

The relationship between Damon and Enzo is a complicated one. While they are frenemies on the surface, their relationship goes beyond this. Their friendship has its positive and negative aspects, and they are often seen taunting and drinking together. This relationship is also a source of tension for Bonnie.

In the season 8 premiere, Damon spends a great deal of time sleeping, and he goes into his dreams to think about Elena. When the siren Sybil tries to erase Elena from his mind, he reverts to his memory of her. Eventually, he is able to resist her mind control, and his memories of Elena are restored. According to Julie Plec, this is the last chance Damon has to live with Elena and save his soul.

Enzo’s relationship with Elena Gilbert is the second most controversial aspect of the series. Fans speculated that the two of them may be sirebonded in the future, and that Lily might be Stefan’s niece. The show’s writers have not confirmed this theory, but this relationship between Elena Gilbert and Enzo will have an impact on Damon and Stefan.

Enzo and Damon first met when Damon is captured by Augustine. During the torture, the two build a relationship. They later plan a way to escape from the prison and escape. However, Damon then leaves Enzo behind, believing he has died. However, he later discovers that he was just waiting for him to leave. Once they are free, they go on a killing spree together.

Unlike Enzo and Elena, Damon had another love interest before he met Enzo. The two met while searching for Klaus, and hooked up soon afterward. He later discovered that Rose is a werewolf and she was seeking revenge on Damon.

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