June 21, 2024
best water purifiers in India

Water purifiers have become indispensable in the current times. Given the ever-spiking rate of pollution, the traditional methods of purging drinking water of all contaminants prove to be insufficient. Methods such as boiling water, chlorination etc.

improve the quality of the water. However, water purifiers perform a far better job. These gadgets employ advanced technologies such as Reverse Osmosis (RO) to filter out the tiniest of pollutants.

Thus, the scope of water-borne diseases subside, and people’s well-being gets ensured. Some of the best water purifiers in India cleanse the water of all kinds of impurities — organic, inorganic, radioactive substances, and harmful microbes to name a few. 

Purchasing a water purifier for your home can get challenging because of the numerous alternatives available in the market. Some of the most favoured brands include Kent RO, Pureit, and Aquaguard.

Moreover, the functions performed by these different kinds of water purifiers differ. This wholesome article sheds light on some of the best water purifiers in the country. But before delving into that domain, you must be aware of the several aspects to ruminate upon prior to selecting a model.

How to select the best water purifier?

  • Analysing the water quality

Choosing the best water purifier requires a proper analysis of the water quality with respect to its salinity, hardness, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). If your tap receives water from a tanker or borewell, the quantity of TDS can be overwhelming.

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Water with TDS below 500 ppm can be considered to be safe for drinking purposes. In cases of high saturation of TDS, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifier becomes a necessity. However, if TDS is less than 200 ppm, Ultraviolet technology (UV filtration) will suffice to kill all the impurities while preserving the vital minerals.

  • Investing in an impeccable design

The build of the water purifier should inspire confidence that it will be in for the long haul. Moreover, the plastic utilised to build it should be of food-grade quality. Otherwise, the toxicity of water will spike, rendering it unfit for consumption.

  • Consumer-friendly after-sales service

Water purifiers require regular servicing. For instance, the filters need to be altered at regular intervals. Investing in a brand with top-notch customer service should be the go-to tactic. 

The best water purifiers in India

  • Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF AR5BLAM01

This Blue Star model combines the triple power of RO, UV and UF filtration. It is exquisitely designed to fit into any narrow space. The appliance alerts in case of low pressure, and it is also equipped with a multi-source water supply. It purifies the water by removing all the dissolved contaminants and microbes. However, it does not eliminate the minerals, which are vital for maintaining a healthy body.

  • HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral RO+UV

Pureit is a pioneer in delivering water purifying solutions to Indian homes. Its products are a prime example of excellence and versatility. This model from Pureit utilises RO+UV technology to offer crystal clear water, not deprived of any essential minerals. The contaminated water undergoes a purification process of about six stages to remove the most stubborn particulates.

  • KENT Grand+ ZWW 9 LTR

Kent RO is among the most favoured water purifying technologies available in India. Besides Kent’s impressive build and quality, its marketing efforts have also played a key role in enhancing popularity among Indian consumers. This model also comes with RO+UV+UF filtration, secured in seven different stages to extend all-around purification.

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If your tap water has excessive levels of dissolved solids, this water purifier will be the perfect fit for you, for it can treat water with TDS levels as high as 2000ppm. A TDS controller helps in retaining vital minerals. Moreover, if you have a large family to cater to, this purifier will suit you because it can hold up to 9L of water.

  • Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel 8L

Aquaguard Marvel allows RO +UV purification, which is complemented by an MTDS (Manual Total Dissolved Solids) regulator. It houses an eye-catching design and futuristic technology. The ‘Taste Adjuster’ integrated into it ensures that the water receives a sweet touch. 

Irrespective of the source. Its ‘Mineral Guard’ function prevents any loss of essential minerals. The icing on the cake is its Active Copper technology that enhances the water quality with the addition of copper in its healthy form.

  • RK Aquafresh India Az Series K200

A top model in the affordable range, this model from Aquafresh is compact, allowing it to fit into any space. The upper part of this product is translucent, permitting you to have a proper glance at the water content. It is efficient, which brings down the expenditure on electricity.

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