June 23, 2024
animated explainer videos

Videos are essential marketing tactics for businesses nowadays. It is due to the reason for their instant and efficient results. Companies use videos in their marketing campaigns to provide valuable information to viewers. Videos make businesses stand out from the rest. They are effective means of brand marketing and advertising their products and services to customers. Videos offer value for money to companies and save their time and cost. Many organizations prefer videos over others as they are quick and efficient marketing strategies that bring measurable results to businesses.

An explainer video is the best form of video marketing today.  Companies use explainer videos to explain a complicated idea and transform it into a straightforward visual format. They are easy and simple ways of conveying a meaningful message to the target audience. Explainer videos offer engaging and compelling visual content to customers. Many small and large-scale businesses use explainer videos to clarify the particular concept to the audience and make their understanding clear on the specific topic. Several businesses use explainer videos to serve multiple purposes. They can use explainer videos to define a process, launch a new product, or showcase the features of a brand.

Here are reasons why businesses need explainer videos in 2022:

Videos attract better than Text

The most essential reason for using explainer videos is that they have a quicker attraction to customers that text content would not make it. Video is an excellent idea for businesses to succeed and increase sales and conversions. It provides detailed information about your brand and makes it easily understood by the audience. People watch and absorb videos faster than reading texts. Videos hold a power of attraction. They provide a better appeal to customers and convert them to sales.

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Stimulates the Audience

Explainer videos are ideal and effective means of increasing the sense of stimulation in the customers. They process visual signals to the viewers and capture their attention. The combination of colors, music, sound, and voiceover gives a melodious and harmonious effect to the video and grabs a powerful attraction of the target audience.

Creates an Emotional Mood

Explainer videos trigger the emotions of customers. They evoke moods and build strong emotional connections with the viewers. Companies use explainer videos to highlight the mood of visitors and impact their feelings. It is an excellent way to influence customers and compel them to buy your products and services.

Narrates the Story

Narration is a crucial part of explainer videos. It narrates a story to the visitors and conceives an original idea to convey a message to an audience and convince them to watch a video till the end.  Explainer videos create an inspiration to visitors to watch an entire video and make them persuade to buy products. It establishes strong and stable long-term durable relationships with clients.

Simplify Complex Concepts and Delivers the Message to the Audience

It is an excellent feature of an explainer video to simplify difficult concepts and convey the right message to the audience. Explainer videos bring the simplicity of ideas and transform the difficulty into ease. They present the complicated product idea in a straightforward manner to the visitors to help them understand better. Explainer videos are essential means of educating and entertaining the customers.

Boosts the SEO Ranking and Traffic

Explainer Videos ranks faster in search. They are SEO-friendly videos that Google loves and ranks them at a higher position. Explainer videos show a top search ranking on the first page of Google. They appear on the SERP and show an unusual appeal due to rich snippets and structured data markup. It enhances the display of animated videos on the search and increases their visibility online.

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Apart from the ranking, the traffic of explainer videos also increases showing better visual engagement. Explainer videos boost the SEO ranking and visitors’ traffic. They increase the time on site and maximize the click-through-rate CTR of a video. It helps minimize the bounce rate of the video to elevate its conversion rate.

Short Time Duration

Explainer videos are short-length. It is the core reason for their success and popularity among global customers worldwide. People love to watch short-length videos. They quickly help them understand the objectives and goals behind the video. Businesses provide complete information in a short explainer video. They describe their values, background history, mission, and vision in a small video. Explainer videos take no time to attract and convert customers what other platforms might take hours or even days.


Explainer videos are extremely cost-effective. They do not cost a single penny from the businesses. Companies invest no money to create explainer videos that serve a huge purpose to them. Many companies do not have enough budget to keep an in-house team to build explainer videos. They require a lot of creativity and originality to think out of the box and come up with something new and unique. Organizations hire external third-party agencies to get their work done on time.

Going Viral Easily

Explainer videos go viral quickly. They are easy to share on social media to distribute content to the masses. Businesses can share explainer videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. They are powerful and impactful platforms to share your visual content with a wide niche audience. Moreover, companies can also make their explainer videos viral on YouTube, Dailymotion, Meta Cafe, and Vimeo.

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Boosts Conversion

Conversion is the ultimate point of the visitors’ journey to a website. Explainer videos understand the mental status of customers and impact their minds and senses. They provide customers with a memorable experience that visitors cannot forget in their lifetime. Businesses use explainer videos to increase their level of conversion and boost their traffic. It gives a rise to their ROI and profit.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above are essential reasons for using explainer videos for businesses in 2022. It builds powerful engagement among customers and helps businesses elevate their traffic and revenues. Explainer videos are helpful in describing complicated ideas and making them understandable to customers.

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