April 17, 2024
Product photography

E-commerce business has spread all over the world, after the corona pandemic when you could not see each other people were connected through the internet and social media platforms which also kept us informed every single minute of our life.

Social media is playing an essential role in the world of digital business where we can connect with anyone, any part of the world, and can present things on an individual level. When it comes to the advertisement of products again, e-commerce is also much ahead in this race.

Because when we want to show our product to the customer to entice them and ultimately achieve sales, here comes Product photography or e-commerce photography whatever you call it.

What is product photography?

Product or e-commerce photography is photography in which we take pictures of the product in special lighting under the studio, making them presentable and further shown to customers professionally.

Purpose of product photography:

The main intention of photographing products is to provide awareness of products to the general public by inspiring them and ultimately achieving sales.

Types of product photography:

The main types of product photographies are

  • Individual shots
  • Lifestyle shots
  • Detailed shots
  • Group shots

Individual shots:

This is one of the most common and widely used types of product photography, which only shoot a single product in one frame to focus on the product and its features. This type of photography demands your passion for photography; the more you are passionate, the more productive you are.

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Group shots:

In this photography, you focus on the diversity, styles and range of your product which could show a complete package of the product you are offering. You place the things in a group and capture them in a way that all the objects possibly presented in a frame and show up their details. This type of photography is best for social media posting.

Lifestyle shots:

This photography demands a model with the product you may have seen in ads or posts in which a model stands nearby a window wearing shirts or holding toothpaste, oils, so all are lifestyle product photography. You need a product accompanied by a model and show your customer how they can be used in daily life. This type of photography is also ideal for social media posts.

Detailed shots:

Products that have small and complicated details need extra and special lighting and lenses to capture every single detail of the product, such as (jewelry, rings, etc) they require a close-up to show the costumes how the product looks.so you may have seen it on online shopping apps where product detailings are given, if you buy any jewelry, they will show detailed photos of the product that will entice you, and ultimately buy it.

Why is product photography important?

Product photography is important in a way that all of your sales and all your revenue depend upon it; the more your photography is professional, the more you reach potential customers and ultimately earn revenue. This is an interesting fact to know things that appeal to our eyes as a customer we are

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more attracted by-products, this is the reason why companies focus on designs and the size of products the reason is simple they want to make sales so they work hard on these tactics. what if I ask you, go check your cabin or wardrobe, I am pretty there would be dozens of things that you bought by getting impressed with their appearance. you must be surprised but there is nothing like that brands perform these tactics.

What is lifestyle product photography?

Lifestyle Product Photography is photography that highlights the product along with a model which tries to convince the customer that this product is for daily use the model in the photograph also endorses it which gives us a good feeling,  and the main focus is on making it more personal and appealing.

Equipment for product photography:

Always keep in mind you can’t be a pro, in the beginning, you just need to start anyhow if you have started then slowly and steadily you will make progress but taking an initiative is key to being at the right place.

For a normal setup, you just need simple and right things not costly.

  • Camera
  • Table
  • Tripod
  • Simple and white background
  • A room with windows
  • Light tents

Now you are ready to photograph the products like a pro by simple things

Shooting product photography:

  • Set up your background, keep it clean and bright
  • Place your light tents in a right place
  • Set your product in a perfect position
  • Manage your lighting
  • Take multiple shots and check them
  • Once you are done then optimize your images and try to make them look professional and aesthetically appealing.

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