July 18, 2024
A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery

Let’s recap a few years ago, could you’ve imagined undergoing surgery to enhance your aesthetic body features? We assume not. There’s no way cosmetic surgeries would’ve gotten such exposure that they’ve received until recently. 

Now that all the misconceptions regarding their perks and risks have vanished, it’s time to embrace them wholeheartedly and reap their benefits the most. Among others, breast reduction in Dubai and worldwide has been the most-opted treatment. Don’t you know how it works? Well, keep your eyes on the guide below.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery, and how does it work?

Breast reduction, otherwise known as mammoplasty, tends to remove extra tissues from human breasts and reshapes them while reducing their size. In addition, the process alleviates the pain that emerges from heavy breasts. 

During the surgery, surgeons make cuts in the breasts, and once the tissues are retracted, they close the surface with stitches. Depending on the case’s complexity, both the areola and nipples must be removed and repositioned on the breasts.

Different Types of Breast Reduction Treatment 

Do you know that breast reduction isn’t limited to a one-way process, but its roots are spanned all over? While it depends on your body which types of treatment will suit you, yet your surgeon will make this call. They often decide the techniques based on the size and shape of one’s breasts. Let’s head one to some of the main forms of breast reduction.

  1. Anchor Breast Reduction

The incision is around the nipple, along the breast’s crease, with an anchoring shape. This way, the fat and tissues will no longer be a part of the breast’s lower segment. In the end, your surgeon will move the areola and nipple to a higher location, and a final stitch is done to close the original incision. And so, your breast lifts, and hopefully, you reach the desired results.

  1. Vertical Breast Reduction
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While it’s a relatively new procedure, it is mainly employed for a less invasive approach and long-lasting impacts. In this technique, your surgeon will make a “lollipop” incision around the areola down the breast, which removes the fat and tissues. Lastly, they’ll close to incision by overlapping the excess skin. The technique has gained quite a popularity with moderately larger breasts.

  1. Scar less Breast Reduction

Since it requires minimal scarring outcomes, the technique utilizes liposuction. The incisions in the method are only a few millimeters wide and are done in the crease of the breasts or armpits. It’s more suitable for ladies whose breasts got heavy due to fat collection rather than the epithelial tissues. It occurs when the milk-producing glandular tissue doesn’t have the fat that can be removed this way. That’s why skinny women with large breasts don’t make a good candidate for the process.

Reasons why ladies get Breast Reduction surgery 

Having the following reasons in mind, you can determine if breast surgery is right for you or not. 

  1. Comfortability 

One of the most persisting reasons patients ask for breast reduction surgery is to enhance their comfort level. In some cases, candidates find that larger breasts are causing them back pain and severe discomfort. However, getting this treatment can reduce the aches of excessive breast weight. And that said, many patients have received positive testimonials for the treatment.

  1. Improved physical activity

In addition to the enhanced comfort, the surgery is often considered by those who’re more attracted to an active lifestyle. While there are no issues in participating in sports and workouts regardless of the breast size, it highly impacts your performance levels. 

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And so, a breast reduction can support movements and agility as well. That’s why the surgery suits runners, cyclists, and the ones with interest in martial arts. Therefore, a breast reduction treatment can turn you into an aspiring athlete. 

  1. Boosts inner-satisfaction

Most females with overly large breasts find themselves depressed with their physical appearance. They feel like their breasts are restricting them from flaunting their overall personality. Since they assume it to be an embarrassment, it decreases their self-esteem. All these factors contribute to making them feel self-conscious while wearing any outfit. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve acknowledged breast reduction surgery and how it works, deciding for yourself wouldn’t be hard anymore. Since the world has made enough progress from jawline fillers in Dubai to facelift treatment in other states, cosmetic surgeries are making their way to success. 

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