July 12, 2024

Get the Customer’s Attention with impressive Hot Dog Boxes:

Today, hot dogs are in great demand. Both hot dog boxes and trays are used to pack them. It becomes challenging to set apart your food business in a crowded market. Each restaurant desires to increase its revenue and upgrade its brand image. We at iCustomBoxes offer many custom solutions to create an eye-catching, appealing custom box. Our hot dog box with a logo printed with the product’s image and details is the easiest and best tool to captivate the attention of the buyers. All the printing details with catchy color prints leave a good impact and imprint in buyers’ minds. Their trust in your brand develops and urges them to become your repeat buyers.

Are You Worried About the Health of the Earth? Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Are you a climate-friendly persona and worried about the ruins of climate change? Looking for 100% eco-friendly wholesale hot dog packaging? Kraft paper made of wooden chops is the most outstanding solution for constructing durable and environmentally safe packaging. Kraft is 100% recyclable and biodegradable as well. You can reuse the packaging for future purposes without polluting the environment.

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Pick-Out Latest Printing Methods to Create Unique Quality Box:

Nowadays, fashionable boxes are in trend. Customers prefer the trendiest and most unique packaging and want to eliminate boring packaging from their lives. Our innovative printing methods are an extraordinary way to create charming color hot dog box packaging. We have ultra-modern printing machines and equipment that produce reliable and high-end results. our printing methods include:

Printing Techniques:

     1. Offset printing method

  • Offset is in use for centuries.
  • It is a complicated procedure that gets ready results in the longest turnaround time.
  • It costs high than digital.
  • It is an applicable option to produce prints in large quantities.

     2. Digital printing method

  • In contrast to offset, digital is the trendiest printing method.
  • It prepares prints in a very short time without any difficulty.
  • It is more cost-effective than offset.
  • Digital is the best solution for small-quantity prints.

Create Adorable Color Prints with CMYK and PMS:

Food lovers are more likely to impress by the packaging of hot dogs. You can give an alluring look to custom hot dog trays with the application of CMYK and PMS. Both color schemes stand poles apart from each other. But they have awe-inspiring and reliable results. You can use the CMYK four-color model to effectively highlight your logo and product’s images. In contrast, PMS creates endless color combinations and creates stunning color prints. It is more expensive than CMYK.

Best Way to Preserve Your Yummiest Hot Dogs: Custom Hot Dog Trays:

Are you health-conscious and searching for secure hot dog packaging? Being edible items, they are more susceptible to external hazards. Our custom Hot Dog Trays made of food-grade material are the best to secure your food items. We utilize harmless chemical material in the whole manufacturing procedure. Cardboard is an optimal choice for producing sturdy and climate-friendly packaging. The durable nature of cardboard paper not only secures your edibles but also maintains their natural taste and freshness for extended periods. On the other hand, a poor-quality material makes your packaging unattractive and exposes the items to heat, moisture, and contamination.

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An Outstanding and Reliable Packaging Supplier: iCustomBoxes

our company has been rated among the first-rate packaging supplier in the USA and Canada. It’s been the priority of our company to supply 100% customer-assured services. Besides this, our company has some policies to benefit its customers. These are listed below:

  • free shipping facility
  • quickest turnaround time
  • free design support
  • no plates and die-cuts fee
  • free physical design mock-ups
  • customer representative staff around the clock
  • discounts on bulk orders
  • cutting-edge services at competitive prices


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