July 12, 2024

Are you upgrading to a more recent version of QuickBooks Desktop? This QuickBooks error message may appear: “This Company file must be updated.” When you upgrade to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop, the QuickBooks company file does not update automatically; you must do so manually. You do not, however, need to update your company file when transitioning between QB editions (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise). If you are seeing the same QuickBooks alert: This file needs to be updated, read this blog post to the end to learn how to update your QuickBooks company file to a more recent version.

How do I update my QuickBooks Company File to the year 2019? Simply contact our QuickBooks problem support number 1-888-704-1357 to receive answers to any of your questions.

Considerations Prior to Updating QuickBooks to a Newer Version:

To avoid receiving the “This Company File Needs to Be Updated” error message in QuickBooks, please review the following information on upgrading your company file:

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It is impossible to change a QuickBooks file without administrator privileges:

Using QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you can grant users varying levels of Windows Access Permissions. However, if you have not created users and roles in QuickBooks Desktop, you are automatically signed in as the Admin User. However, if you are not logged in as the Admin user, this error message may appear. –

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“The company file requires updating. Request the administrator of QuickBooks Desktop to update the file.”

In this circumstance, you must close the QuickBooks company file and then reopen it with your Admin credentials.

Avoid updating your organization’s file over the network:

If the message “QuickBooks business file must be updated” appears, you should avoid updating your company file via the network. If you wish to update a company from a different computer, you must transfer the file to that system and perform the update there alone. Once updated, transfer the file to its original system.

Don’t interrupt the lengthy process of updating your company file:

Prepare yourself for the fact that updating a QuickBooks company file could take some time. Choose to update the company file when a total system outage will not significantly disrupt your work flow. If you attempt to modify a file that is undergoing an update, the update procedure will be paused.

After updating, you may no longer be able to open QuickBooks files in the previous version:

After updating, the QuickBooks file cannot be opened in the previous version. If you wish to use an older version of QuickBooks Desktop, you must restore the automatic backup of QuickBooks Data in that version. If you wish to convert the QuickBooks file to a more recent version, you can restore it to the newer version. Whether you are looking for a job in Texas, seeking staffing services, or thinking about working at Aerotek, visit staffing agencies in austin texas.

You cannot convert QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier:

Enterprise to QB Pro 2019 conversion is not feasible within QuickBooks. Alternatively, you may hire a third-party QuickBooks Data Conversion provider.

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How Do I Resolve the “Your Company File Must Be Updated” Error?

Follow the procedures below to avoid the error message requesting you to update your QuickBooks company file:

  • Launch the most recent version of QuickBooks.
  • Select Open or Restore Company File under File
  • To continue, click Open a company file and then click Next.
  • Utilize Browse to locate and Open the Company File
  • Follow the directions on the Move Company File and Update Company File windows before clicking Update Now.
  • Create a copy of the business file and save it in an appropriate location.
  • When prompted to continue opening a company file in the new version, press the Yes button.

If you continue to see the QuickBooks error message: The company file must be updated, contact a QuickBooks Data Services specialist immediately. Dial our QuickBooks error support phone number 1-888-704-1357 to speak with a certified QB specialist and receive aid with issue resolution without difficulty. In no time, the “This Company File Needs to Be Updated QuickBooks 2023” problem message will no longer appear, and you may return to your normal accounting procedures.

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