April 11, 2024

The device a1534 is a BTO/CTO unit that is almost identical to MLHA2LL/A and MLHC2LL/A. We have classified this device separately because it was fitted with a more powerful processor compared to basic models. This is to simplify the process of cataloguing and also simpler to understand.

It was the first MacBook to launch in the year 2016. It is equipped with the 1.3 8 GHz Intel Core m7 Skylake processor (M7-6Y75) and 12-inch screen. The aluminum casing comes with more colors than were before, such as gold, space gray and a finished rose gold. The MacBook 12in m7 Pro was a significant improvement in battery’s lifespan compared to earlier MacBooks. The graphics processor was also updated to Intel HD Graphics 515. Further specifications for the device and its capabilities are listed below.


The device comes with 256 or 512 GB of PCIe-based storage, which is connected onto the motherboard (cannot be upgraded). The storage capacity of the storage device is mentioned to range at 845 and 947 MB/second.

Resolution and Screen Size

The MacBook was equipped with 12 inches of screen with 2304 x 1440 pixels and features the latest TFT LED-Backlit active-matrix “Retina” screen. This allows thousands of colours to be visible because the pixel density is 2226 pixels for every inch. This means that each pixel cannot be easily discernible from a standard viewing distance. With IPS technology, this device can be used with other resolutions, such as 1440 pixels x 900, 1280 pixels x 800 and 1024 x 1024.

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Processor& Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The operating system that came pre-installed on this model is MacOS X 10.11.4 (15E2066). Apple also returned to Intel to offer graphics processors using an Intel Integrated HD Graphics 515 graphic processor, replacing that of the HD Graphics 5300 used in the first model of 2015. The processor shares memory of the onboard 8GB 1866 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM.

Memory & Architecture

The device comes with four MB of Level 3 cache as well as upgraded onboard RAM to 8GB of 1866 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM, which is a step up from the 16 GB 1600 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM included with the initial 2015 version (unable to update). The device is built on a 64-Bit design.

Battery Life

The device is equipped with an 41.4 Wh Li-Poly power source that is capable of providing the capacity of 10 hours “wireless web” usage as well as eleven hours of “iTunes playback of movies” as well as “30 days” of standby time. An USB-C 29W power adapter comes with this device.

Available Upgrades

The RAM and the onboard external storage are set, with the possibility of upgrading. The 8GB of RAM and 256/512GB of PCIe-based onboard flash storage is only upgradeable upon purchase. This model is 0.14 0.14 – 0.52 millimeters thick, and weights 2.03 pounds, making it smaller in comparison to the MacBook Air series.

MacBook Pro comes with HTML0. MacBook Pro includes the following features and ports:

  • Standard AirPort (802.11ac)
  • Bluetooth 4.2 ensures an optimally low energy consumption to speed up PAN (Personal Area Network) connections and transfers. It is also backward-compatible with older Bluetooth devices.
  • 1 USB-C port to connect
  • FaceTime Webcam 480p
  • Digital audio optical in/out to connect external audio equipment such as microphones and headphones
  • Connecting VGA as well as HDMI adapters onto the USB-C port in a single port, you can test the resolution of a second display that can reach 4096×230
  • Full-size backlit keyboard

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