May 23, 2024

TikTok, viral trends have been everywhere because of the overwhelming reach and nail-biting creativity. This has brought immense popularity to some creators and a truckload of entertainment to the viewers. And marketers, swiftly through market speculation, have chosen to embed TikTok videos on the websites to keep the engagement uninterrupted.


The key to sustaining the new masses lies in consistency and relevancy, which can be absolutely channeled by following and keeping up with the latest trends on the platform.


Similarly, marketers and advertisers can keep a close eye on these trendy videos and strike the opportunity to embed TikTok widget, which will eventually help them to increase their website traffic and reduce the bounce rate.


However, most readers need help locating the trending videos on TikTok; you’ve got covered in this article. Like other popping platforms, Instagram and YouTube have a dedicated Explore feed page or trending page TikTok also has a Discover tab that enables its users to come across various new and latest trendy videos of multiple creators. The TikTok algorithm also helps to widen the reach of creators based on the popular opinions of viewers. Having shed light on locating and finding trending videos, let’s begin to hunt down the most trending and viral TikTok trends that got our eyes rolling so far in 2022!

Most Talked About TikTok Trends That Grabbed Views

Many head-turning and mind-boggling videos were published by influencers and creators this year. We have handpicked and curated a list of the best 9 most trending TikTok trends of 2022.

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#1 That’s not my name:

We, humans, tend to give fellow humans names that sometimes resonate with their traits or personalities. Sometimes they can be a little pokey and hilarious, that is, the trend was about to display all these names, and sometimes the context behind it is mentioned in the caption, using the trending sound ‘That’s not my name ‘; this was widely popular as people from all walks of lives and professions game some bone ticking insights of their pet names.

#2 Hair challenge:

The Hair Challenge TikTok trend was not very demanding, yet it was impactful and engaged many viewers and consumers. The most fun and quirky part of the challenge was that the viewers could show their alternative persona with a change in their hairstyle. As on TikTok, appearance makes a huge impact and changing hairstyle makes a huge difference.

#3 You are enough:

The ‘You are enough ‘trend on TikTok is also one of the trends that had an overwhelming response from the viewers and audiences. The trend focuses on the creator’s Glow -up period from being an ordinary, insecure individual to a more accepting and confident person. This encouraged many people to accept themselves and practice self-love. All of this is topped with the beautiful rendition by Sleeping At Last in the backdrop. Some of the brand strategists have also actively participated in this trend, showcasing a rag-to-riches journey of their brand. And to present it before an even larger audience to increase their sales volume, they opted to embed TikTok video onto their webpage.

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#4 Dance challenge:

The platform is highly credited with uplifting the standards of the dance or Hookstep challenges, which has a long way to go. The platform has the advantage of entertaining a huge user base; thus, these dance challenges intrigue the interest of all demographics. The fuel to the fire was Britney Spears Toxic TikTok trend which got everyone to dance to their best moves.

#5 Flashback TikTok:

One of the most nostalgic and wholesome trends that swayed way into viewers’ memories was the Flashback trend on TikTok. The creators used the melodious tunes of the song, ‘That’s what I want’ by Lis Nas and projected a storylike effect on their explore you page, where they post a timeline of pictures rooting back to the days when they first met their love interest and making audiences believe in a forever like story.

#6 Recreate the object:

The trend that made the audiences revisit some fond memories of day-to-day objects personified with human attributes was the recreate the object trend. The creators showed their creative best in representing themselves as objects, and this trend used the short version of It’s Tricky by Run D.M.C.

#7 Amazon finds:

The users of this platform are aware and vigilant consumers when it comes to purchasing feasible and affordable stuff online. One such trend was to display the creators’ Amazon interesting finds under a budget series. This was an encouraging move to create awareness among the masses regarding affordability and accessibility.

#8 Inverted camera:

The Inverted camera TikTok trend was an exciting take on the prejudice around set beauty standards. The creators projected and fought with the insecurities of their looks in front of their audiences. They applied an inverted filter to their face and showcased a symmetrical and asymmetrical side to decide whether they fit in. There were some quirky and interesting visuals, but the bottom line was to make the audiences more appreciative of their unique features.

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#9 Who you were raised:

The ‘raised by ‘trend on TT turned a lot of eyeballs towards on it as the trend was funfilled and entertaining. The creators share some of the hilarious moments that they were raised by. The trend was an instant hit with the audiences and also featured the song by Sohodolls, Bang Bang Bang.

Summing up –

TikTok is one of the biggest and most entertaining short video platforms. Thus this makes it very essential to be relevant and aware of the latest trends on the platform. The above mentioned are some of the handpicked and stunning trends seen by far this year. TikTok is such a fantastic tool to attract traffic to the website. Thus, marketers should also embed TikTok feeds to enhance consumer engagement.  


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