July 11, 2024
How can short females in sarees appear taller?

It hurts because most of you who love to wear sarees and are short-sighted frequently get tangled in it because of the six-yard collection we have in our closets.

The saree’s timeless beauty may be preserved if it is draped correctly. A saree worn improperly, however, may entirely destroy your day. Short individuals frequently shy away from wearing sarees since they could seem sloppy on them, unlike tall females.

But, dear girls, even if you are little, you may always seem chic and sophisticated. It is necessary for you to keep a few things in mind.

Let this site serve as a fast reference for all the globe short women and girls who enjoy online silk saree shopping. Are you prepared for the trip?

How to Pick the Right Fabric for a Saree

One of the most significant collections is saree cloth. Before you go crazy with internet buying, make the right option. It’s crucial to choose the right texture and fabric for a saree.

Which material is suitable for you, then?- Always choose for a light-weight fabric to elongate your frame because a heavy saree would shorten you.

You may choose from a variety of textiles, including pure silk sarees, cotton sarees, designer net sarees, jamdani sarees, chiffon sarees, and kota silk. Kanjeevaram sarees that are lightweight are readily accessible today.

Borders or prints?

If you are short in height, avoid strong, large designs and hefty borders when wearing a saree.

  • You will look fantastic in small and medium prints.
  • Saree borders that are narrow will elongate your frame.
  • to appear seductive select a saree that is solid and has dark colour tones. Simple sarees with a border in a dark colour can enhance your beauty.
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Do you want stripes or not?

Vertical stripes are not acceptable. Sarees with vertical stripes create the appearance of vertical height and make the wearer appear tall. All colours of vertical striped sarees are offered in our store. However, be careful the stripes are not too wide.

One of the greatest saree drapes for short people is the nivi design, which will offer you a refined and understated appearance while still emphasising your body.

Which Colour to Pick

  1. If you are a short female who leans towards being skinny, use bright colours. You’ll look good wearing these. However, you are free to wear whatever colour; I won’t be color-blind.
  2. 2. If your weight is on the usual side, you can wear any colour.
  3. 3. Dark colours are the greatest choice for curvaceous beauties. Hey, it doesn’t imply you should avoid using light colours. You may look fantastic in them too with the proper accessories, saree material, and those killer shoes.

Shirt Type?

Avoid choosing a blouse with horizontal stripes, just like the saree. Wear a thick blouse with a light saree, or go with a simple blouse if your saree is a bit heavier.Make sure the stripes on the blouse and the saree coordinate well. Typically, a plain saree should be worn with a striped blouse, however in some circumstances, a striped blouse also looks nice with a stripped saree. See our advice on the sexiest blouse styles to wear with saris.Girls with shorter statures should make an extra effort to ensure that their blouses are properly suited and neither too long nor too short in length.  At 1.5 inches below your breasts, it should cease.

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Boat necks, V necks, and square necks are the kind of necklines that will look excellent on you.  Avoid wearing collars.

Wrapping a Pallu

If you’re wearing a saree to work, pin up your pallu neatly for a polished appearance. Avoid using a large pin since it could make you appear awkward. You will appear exquisite with a little pin. Leave the pallu a little slack for events like parties and other celebrations. If you handle the saree effectively despite your short stature, you cannot pin it at all.

Is the half saree intended for petite girls?

Are half sarees intended for petite girls? Don’t attempt it.

Your torso and bottom tend to be broken by multicoloured half sarees. Sarees of one colour are best. If you must wear one, go for a half saree that has dark hues on the top and bottom, or at the at least, on the bottom half of the saree.

Which Tight Fits Best

The fashion blogger sought to capture the most recent style to pick the perfect petticoat in the video up above. We appreciate Sewing is Fun for this fantastic video. It is recommended to always use a slim fit petticoat rather than a flared petticoat. In order to completely conceal your legs, it should be ankle length.

Leggings or jeans should not be worn since they would make it harder for you to wear the saree.

Choosing the Right Footwear

Heels are the greatest footwear choice for short women. Height is gained. However, avoid wearing really high heels as this would make people focus on your shoes rather than how you appear or the saree you are wearing.Sarees are fantastic since they conceal the fact that you are wearing 4 inch heels to appear taller. Put on heels or wedges. You can decide.Iadvise choosing wedges over heels. Your feet won’t be as stressed as they would be in heels. Additionally, most of the time when wearing a saree, your shoes won’t be seen.

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Accessories that complement you the best

The proper selection of accessories is not governed by any regulations. However, just use accessories to enhance your appearance and avoid overusing them.However, it is crucial that your accessories match your saree. So, use less gems. For a short female, less is more. Make sure that any gold jewellery you wear, such as a haram set, is not too large and does not extend below your breasts. Alternately, opt for a single distinctive item.

Which hairstyle will be most suitable?

When wearing a saree, avoid parting your hair. You will look shorter and more flattered as a result. Always choose puffs with braids, buns, or a high bun to add height if you’re a short female.

A low bun is a terrific way to add volume to the crown of your head and make yourself appear taller while still complementing your saree.

Bonus Advice from Swarajshop Professionals

Here are a few extra pointers straight from the heart. I’m sure you’ll remember to make a note of them.

  • Your closest companion is black. Seriously, wearing a black saree makes you seem slimmer and adds a touch of sophistication.
  • To ensure safety, use the proper size pins. The amount of straining and tugging will be too much for little pins to support. Big pins are unsightly.
  • Limit the number of bracelets you wear. It will accentuate your shortness and make your hands appear short.
  • The narrow border makes it look taller.

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