June 21, 2024
Engagement rings

Brimming with joy, energy, and endless possibilities, engagement rings are just one of the first things that you will be gifting to you better half and definitely needs to be something exceptional and lovely. But then arises this question- when should you buy this engagement ring and how much should you spend on this? Also, should you go for an expensive gemstone engagement rings having precious and semi-precious stones studded on it or should you rather go for simple metal rings? There are number of questions which might be coming into your mind when your engagement days are near and we are here to provide you with answers to all your curious and anxious questions.

Knowing when you are ready is just the right time

It is said love knows know bounds. Similarly, it knows no months, seasons or place too. It is timeless. Be it a beach side in summers, the season of cherry blossoms or a day filled with fireworks as the year ends, getting engaged will always be a wonderful experience. If you are someone who considers timings do matter then try to look for a time which is significant to both you and your partner. This will help you in creating a story which you will cherish forever and beyond. Timing is the key. Its only when two hearts unite, two people choose each other, two starts cross and when everything seems to be perfect, it is the right time. Perhaps the right time to buy an engagement ring is deeply personal and there is no right or wrong time to buy one.

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Setting a budget is the essential part

You may initially feel like spending like there’s no tomorrow but, no this is not the truth. Yes, spending for these special gifts for your life partner is totally a relevant idea but there always must be a budget you should have in your mind before exceeding your limits. Remember coming back to the normal life with an empty bank is worse than not spending too much on your engagement as you still have the wedding which will again cost you a huge part of your investment. Always try to remain inside your financial comfort zone and always be open to your partner about your financial capabilities. Overspending just for a few things is never a good idea. Instead try to invest in things which are going to make significant changes in your life while remain on a budget for buying the rings and other accessories. If you have a partner who values creativity and uniqueness, try going for customised rings. For example, you can choose aquamarine engagement rings and get it customised taking into considerations the carat that you want or the size of gemstone which you thing is most suitable for your partner. The possibilities are endless and you will have a lot od options to choose from. You can also try to keep it simple and lowkey and go for simple gold or platinum band engagement rings too. They too will carry the same significance as any other ring will.

Choosing the right metal is also equally important

Whether you choose to go for expensive gemstone rings or simple metal rings, you will always have to choose a metal which will be the base of any ring that you wish to have. So, if you are someone who admires and values traditions, try going for gold as this is the traditionally loved and admired metal from centuries and still continues to be considered to be one of the greatest assets even today. Platinum on the other hand is more on the contemporary side and is known for its strength and durability. If you are going for gemstone rings such as ruby or amethyst engagement rings, try opting for platinum as it will reflect the shine of the gemstones and provide you with a better look.

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Summing Up
At the end, your partner won’t bother about the carats or the price tags of your rings but your true love and sentiments behind buying that engagement ring and that truly is the greatest investment too. So, do not give much thought on buying a ring before beginning this new chapter of your life. Just try to make it significant however simple it is.

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