June 23, 2024
Data Science Training in Chandigarh

Data Science Training in Chandigarh

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Data Science Training in Chandigarh Sector 34 In the present age where human society has evolved into a data-driven organisation every decision is made following the data whether it is to gain profit or obtain useful insight. But to find raw data for making all these decisions an individual has to dive into the deep and turbid ocean swarming with unnecessary data. Extraction of necessary and accurate data becomes difficult. This is where the data analysts enter the game.


Data has had a significant impact on companies, both positive and negative. While some have gone bankrupt due to mishandling or misuse of data, others have thrived and achieved impressive growth thanks to its proper utilization. Social media’s emergence is another example of this phenomenon. However, this is not the main point I want to convey.


Whenever we open an e-commerce app on our mobile phones and search for a product, the information is saved as a data file and transmitted to various other apps and companies that specialize in the same product. As a result, the next day, my phone is bombarded with advertisements for the same product. This is how data analysis is so beneficial to such companies.

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Today, we will discuss the uses of data analysis and find the best Data Analyst Course in Chandigarh. So, let us start with the topic without any delays.

What is a Data analyst?

In simple words, a data analyst is a person who gathers and interprets data. His task consists of spending time gathering raw data through the means of surveys, company websites or buying data sets from data specialists. Maintaining clean and useful data is also included. A data analyst’s job also includes finding patterns or trends in data that helps in inquiry situation regarding any field and presenting all the previous data observations through visuals like charts, graphs, written reports etc to any interested parties.


Within the business world, data analysts are highly valued and compensated for their expertise, which is not easily found among the general population. These professionals play a crucial role in companies as their data analysis determines the direction that the company will take in the future. By utilizing data to identify patterns and make predictions, data analysts can forecast future customer behaviour and trends. Let us move on and find out some benefits of having a data analyst in a company.

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Benefits of a Data Analyst

Every industry needs a data analyst to manage and analyse its data to provide better results whether it be in IT, banking, retail, healthcare or any other sector. Data Analyst offer benefits like:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Whenever there is a dedicated data science or data analytics department in an organisation, it becomes easy for other departments to coordinate their efforts without worrying about changes or problems with data.
  • Enhanced customer experience: In today’s digital era, customers don’t have time to waste on websites or companies that don’t have a structured system within their organisation. They would rather invest their money in companies that cater to their needs according to the changing times and they don’t have to put in any extra effort. That’s why a data analysis department is of the utmost importance for companies. It helps them predict future customer preferences by analysing the data they have in their systems.
  • Improved risk management: When you have a data analytics department, they usually have a better clue of any risks that are lurking behind the corner. Any organisation with a sophisticated data analytics team would change their ways of working instantly if the data department asked them to do so.
  • Competitive advantage: With a data analytics department, companies have a better chance to outperform their competitors only because the department of data analysis is doing its job perfectly. It can help companies make better decisions in future.
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Best Data Science Course in Chandigarh While it is not necessarily considered an IT job it does include working with various computer instruments and offers pretty much high wages along with security and quick progression. Data analysts in every major country have much higher salaries than other software-related jobs. The demand for data analysts being very high in any other sector makes it a path of great achievements, suitable to those who dedicate their lives to learning while also aiming to create their name in business.


  • Is the data analyst an IT job?

Yes, as data analysts work with Information in the form of data, it can be called an IT job.

  • Is data analysis easier than coding?

There cannot be a comparison between the two as both streams of work are different. Coding has nothing to do with data and data analytics doesn’t require the knowledge of programming languages.

  • Is data analysis a secure job?

Yes, it is one of the most high-in-demand skills in the IT business in today’s world.

  • Is data Analysis a high-salary job?

The salaries of data scientists and data analysts are on the higher end in many companies. But it cannot be the norm in all companies. So, the pay scale of these IT jobs varies a lot.

  • Is it difficult to become a data analyst?

No, through our data analyst course in Chandigarh, you will learn everything about data analysis and much more.





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