June 20, 2024
How to use VSCO to discover amazing creators

VSCO, a popular app for photo and video editing, has become a community of creative people. VSCO People Search is one of the features that helps to enhance this community. This tool helps users find photographers, artists and influencers that share their interests. VSCO People Search is a powerful tool that can enhance your creative journey, whether you want to discover new trends, be inspired or work with other creators. This guide will show you how to make the most out of VSCO by using VSCO People Search.

Get Started with VSCO

Be sure to have your VSCO account created and that you understand the basics before diving into People Search.

Create an account by downloading the VSCO App from your app store. Sign up using your email address or social media accounts.

*Navigating Interface*: Familiarize with the main tabs, Home, Discover Studio, Profile and Shop.

Searching for people is easy

Discover tab is where you will find the People Search.

– *Discover tab*: Click on the Discover icon, which is typically represented by a magnifying lens icon.

You can search for keywords, hashtags or usernames in the bar at the top of Discover.

Keywords: How to Use Them Effectively

You can find artists whose work matches your interests by using the right keywords.

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– *General Key Words*: Begin with broad keywords such as “photography,” art,” or travel.

– *Specific interests*: refine your search by adding more specific keywords, such as “minimalist photograpy” or “digital illustrations.”

Hashtags Search

Hashtags can be a great way to discover new content on VSCO.

– Use #popular hashtags: These are popular hashtags that relate to your interests. For example, #portraitphotography and #natureart.

– *Niche hashtags*: Use niche hashtags to discover more specialized content.

Exploring user profiles

Explore the content of profiles you find through People Search.

– *Profile overview*: Click on the profile of a person to see their bio, gallery and social media accounts.

Follow the creators and stay up to date with their posts.

Engaging Content

Engagement with content creators can lead to meaningful collaborations and connections.

– “Liking and Posting”: Like or repost videos and images that speak to you.

– *Comments & Messages*: Please leave thoughtful comments, and if appropriate send direct messages expressing your admiration and interest in collaboration.

Create and Use Collections

VSCO lets you create collections of content that you like, which helps you organize and revisit inspirational works.

*Creating a collection*: You can save posts into a new group by tapping on the bookmark icon.

– *Organizing your Collections*: Create collections according to themes or projects.

Utilizing Discover Suggestions

Discover tab in VSCO also offers personalized suggestions based upon your activities and interests.

Check out the “For You” Section to find content and creators that are tailored to your tastes.

*Trending Posts*: Stay up to date with the latest and most popular trends by exploring trending posts.

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Collaboration with Creators

VSCO’s community is an excellent place to find collaborators on creative projects.

– *Identifying Collaborators* : Search for artists with complementary styles or skills.

– *Reaching out*: Send an eloquent and professional message describing your idea for a collaboration and the benefits it would bring to both parties.

Participating in Challenges

VSCO hosts many creative challenges to help you discover and promote new creators.

– *Challenge Topics*: Take part in challenges aligned with your interests.

– *Engaging Participants*: Interacting with other participants through liking, commenting and following.

Stay Active and Updated

Staying connected to the community and using VSCO People Search regularly will keep you inspired.

*Daily check-ins* : Check VSCO every day for updates and new content.

– *Active participation*: Like, comment and share your posts regularly to maintain a strong presence.

VSCO Membership: How to leverage it

Subscribe to VSCO membership to access exclusive content and enjoy enhanced features.

Enjoy exclusive filters and educational content.

*Member Community* : Join a community of more active and committed creators.

The conclusion of the article is

VSCO People Search can be a great tool to discover amazing creators, and expand your creative network. You can discover content and find like-minded people by using hashtags, keywords and user profiles. By engaging with the community via likes, comments and collaborations, you can create meaningful connections and open up new opportunities. You can make the most out of your VSCO experience by participating regularly and using its features. VSCO People Search is a powerful tool to boost your creativity and find new talent in the VSCO community.

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