June 25, 2024

Not so many interior design materials are there which are pretty powerful or good-looking as parquet wood flooring is. The touch of this exotic material offers instant enhancement wherever it is used. Whilst many homeowners and commercial property managers believe that such an aspirational aesthetic is somehow off-limits. They might probably presume that parquet flooring might suit the space or that the cost might be prohibitive. Though the amazing ground is that it doesn’t require anything in either case. So, to gain your trust for parquet flooring in Glasgow as such we’re happy to bust some lingering parquetry myths!

Obviously, the homes of the historic city of Glasgow, Scotland – and indeed, right across Glasgow – often host parquetry that might be original for decades or could only as feasible to have been installed recently with such skill that you’d struggle to know the difference. Few property owners favor the more traditional parquet herringbone flooring in Glasgow home features though others can’t resist a few of the more contemporary and playful takes on chevron parquetry that often graces interior design magazines these days. Though what may be the case is, it is particular that parquet flooring keeps as famous as ever and just as timeless in its elegance. In case you too dream of the parquet flooring in Glasgow read on to find why there is genuinely nothing holding you back.

Parquet Flooring Is More Versatile Than Ever At Present

At the first, when parquetry flooring in Scotland has become a trend and had crossed borders, it has always been made from strips of wood pasted into square blocks in such a way that it would be very sensitive to moisture. As much as the methods were aesthetic, the wrong setting would potentially lead to such a floor swelling and breaking. Fortunately, recent methods have been upgraded so far that they stand up better to humidity. It can be set up so well at the basement level and even in the kitchen.

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Not only better yet, but this sophisticated contemporary engineered parquet flooring is also ideal for wetness-prone settings. It can also be set simply over underfloor heating systems – identifying the definitive definition of decadence! Overall, whatever the environment and vision may be that you hold for your parquetry.

The Sky Is the Limit When It Comes to Design

Suppose asked to imagine the parquet floors, a large percentage will promptly be going to see a romantic vision spring up in their mind’s eye. Similar to herringbone or chevron, cut at a 45 º along with a decadently deep patina -probably that sounds common? While the traditional parquetry aesthetic will never go out of fashion, there is so much more potential to explore. Not only can parquet flooring be realized in a variety of hardwoods, such as European Oak, European Walnut, or European Ash, but its aesthetic is only limited by your creativity. 

For example, both herringbone and chevron parquetry can be realized with blocks set at angles ranging from 30 to 60 degrees—creating entirely different looks. It can be exposed up to 20x200x2000m, with large size blocks to play with, providing a wide contemporary feel that viewers would not expect! Those who’re still feeling bold can explore the idea of setting the diagonal wooden pattern of the house from the classically selected parallel alignment. And of course, this doesn’t even begin to touch upon the potential to create custom parquet blocks and patterns to the design of your choosing.

Beautiful Parquetry Isn’t as Expensive as You Think.

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Generally, we link parquetry with splendour whilst the association is flattering. It leads to the false impression that setting parquet wood floors is especially a costly attempt. Though it became authentic back in those days when every block was cut by hand without the edges of modern tools. Now, you might be amazed to learn that parquetry offers the opposite advantages.

Even though you can see parquet flooring is comprised of the finest European hardwoods, the shorter size and lengths of the component blocks make them far more comfortable to source and more cost-effective. When this application is included with the low maintenance features of modern parquetry, its accessibility is impressive indeed.

You can even go from a wide range of finishes.

A few varied kinds of hardwood are there, that are suggested by manufacturers of the  flooring Glasgow for customers however, it doesn’t traverse the broad array of finishes that might be applied further to enrich them. 

Every block of this wood is treated through several processes for example aging, tumbling, brush, and smoking techniques to form the texture you want. From there, the significant grade eco-friendly oils and waxes offer spectra in terms of shade, warmth, and effect. Indeed many manufacturers supply parquet floors in either pre-finished or unfinished form. The latter might help traditional site applied finish.

Conclusion: – So, these are the things that you need to contemplate while going for this type of flooring in Glasgow. 

I hope that the entire matter has been beneficial in providing the knowledge about them. 

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