April 17, 2024

With the festive time just about to set in, this is the busiest time of the year, with family gatherings, so many special occasions, jam-packed with parties, and much more. You cannot get a more perfect time than this to put your best wrist forward with phenomenal All Diamond Rolex watches. Besides being some of the best watches outside there, it is the diamonds that bestow a stunning luxury watch on your hands. Is your upcoming calendar full of family get-togethers, cocktail parties, glamorous galas, or any other festivities? Here is a list of All Diamond Rolex Watches that are a must-try this season. 

(1) Diamond Rolex Submariner: Are you looking for a fantastic combination of retro, sporty, and luxury? It’s got to be this All Diamond Rolex watch with a “Serti” dial. Serti refers to special gem dials which are found only on select Diamond Rolex Submariner models. This particular two-tone stainless steel and yellow gold Submariner with a bright blue bezel features a slate dial with diamond and sapphire hour markers for just a touch of gems. 

(2) Diamond Rolex Daytona: When you decide to purchase a Daytona, you get a wide range of bracelet options, materials, and dial designs to choose from. This is one of the most famous luxury chronographs in the world. Moreover, in order to match the blue strap, there is the sumptuous blue sodalite dial with diamond hour markers. It is the contrast between the precious watch face makes and the sporty chronograph silhouette that makes the men’s diamond Rolex watch appealing to wear. 

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(3) Diamond Rolex GMT- Master II: As we stay on the All Diamond Rolex watch styles, here is the special GMT- Master II. While some of the standard models are made of steel, there are some unique models that flaunt a custom black sapphire and diamond bezel. With the black sapphires standing in as the 12 markers, the gem bezel replaced what would normally be a Cerachrom ceramic one. Want to sport a men’s diamond Rolex watch? This is definitely an all-out way. 

(4) Diamond Rolex Day-Date Present: The day-date present is one of the premium All Diamond Rolex watches available in the market. It is not only even more luxurious with a dash of diamonds but also is Rolex’s signature luxury dress watch. Thus watch sports a complete yellow gold construction, a curvy President Bracelet, and a fluted bezel. While leaving behind the necessary space, for the signature duo of windows indicating the date of the month and the day of the week, the rich blue dial sports eight brilliant diamonds and two baguette diamonds serving together with hour markers. A classic way to wear All Diamond Rolex watches. 

 Rolex Oyster Perpetual: A Complete Guide

What is an Oyster Perpetual?
It was in 1931 that Rolex patented a self-winding movement. In this movement, a weight is used to gently wind the watch as it is being worn on the wrist. The watch can be perpetually wound and so the word “Perpetual” was added to the watch. It was then in 1945 that the Robust Oyster Case was combined with the self-winding movement and thus the name Oyster Perpetual. 

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5 popular Oyster Perpetual Models

(1) Reference 116000: This is a popular model that is not typically found on the pre-owned market for very long. It has a 36 mm case that can be worn on almost wrist sizes. There are some versions that feature an Arabic 3-6-9 which stands out from the typical indices used. Besides the different index options, you have the option to choose from blue, black, grape, or silver dial. The reference 126000 is the modern version of it, found with a wide variety of new colored dials. 

(2) Reference 277200: This model of Black Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust was launched in 2020. This model is an upgraded version of the 177200 ladies watch. The unique thing about this watch is its size which makes it stand out from other watches together with several colored dial options that include Turquoise Blue, Coral Red, Yellow and green. The previous iteration featured an Arabic 3-6-9, but this 2020 release features all index hour markers. 

(3) Reference 124300: This is also a 2020 release. With a measurement of 41mm, this is the largest Black Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust ever released. Unlike the classically sized, 36 mm reference 126000, this larger case size gives a more modern sporty wear and is also wearable across different wrist sizes. Just like the other new releases, you will find a wide range of new dial colors with this 41mm Oyster Perpetual, except for the sunburst rose and the Candy Pink. 

Key Takeaway:

Do you prefer an all-out display of brilliance or a subtle dash of diamonds? Whatever may be your preference, All Diamond Rolex watches have it all for you. You can also wear the Black Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watches. So, go on and celebrate in style!! 

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