May 21, 2024

While it’s quite debatable about what’s the single most important duty of the best man at the wedding – whether it’s not fumbling while handing out the ring or delivering a great reception toast, some would definitely argue in favor of hiring strippers at the bachelor party. Hiring strippers in Sydney requires precise planning and preparation, particularly because it’s not something that you can order from Amazon. So, in this post, we’d discuss how you can help your friend bid farewell to the single life while having a great time and not doing something incredibly stupid.

The dos and don’ts of hiring strippers at a bachelor party

  • Beware of the bachelor party package: Strip clubs are a rage for bachelor parties, but most bachelor party packages don’t include time with the ladies. Instead, you end up paying for a space and hanging out with friends, which isn’t much exciting. According to some women who’ve been part of the industry for some time now, the package price at a strip club is just the tip of the iceberg. So, if you’re on a budget, we would recommend not going to a strip club.
  • Book strippers outside the club: If you are looking to maximize the fun but keep things within budget, avoiding the strip club altogether may well be a good idea. Instead, you can book independent performers from reliable and professional agencies such as The Flashing Lights for a personal and more intimate performance in a comfortable environment, such as your home or a hotel suite. In such a case, the rates and the timing are negotiated in advance. In fact, this feels more natural and fun.
  • Don’t test the boundaries: It’s alright to be drunk and loud, but you should also follow the pre-decided rules. Most strippers don’t indulge in inappropriate groping. When you hire strippers in Sydney from renowned places, you’d be informed about the established rules. That said, every girl is different. Every company is different. Also, never take photos without permission.
  • Always plan ahead: When it comes to hosting a great bachelor party, you cannot just wing it! More so, when you plan on hiring private dancers and strippers at your place. So, go through online articles and blogs that tell you how to have fun without being incredibly stupid or messing things up.
  • Be aware of the cost: Call in advance and find out about all the charges before the big night! If this is a party where you and your male pals are going all in, you’d want to know what it’d cost and gather funds in advance. The amount depends on the number of strippers you hire, what type of fun activities you want to include, and how long you’d want them to give you all company.
  • Tipping is not optional: For those who do not know, tipping is customary for people who work in the service industry, and strippers are no exception. While you may have your own tipping guide on how much to tip or probably follow a friend’s reference, strippers are unique, and their services and have a different skill set. If you are stingy, she may not feel much appreciated. So, always so some appreciation and love.
  • Always be polite with the women: It’s easy for you to think that they are not like everyone, but in reality, they are just like us. Strippers too have feelings. Moreover, contrary to what you believe, they aren’t after-work prostitutes or school dropouts. So, at The Flashing Lights, we request our esteemed clientele to respect the ladies, have fun, and be polite at the same time. 
  • Never invite someone who’s not interested: Bringing someone to the party who’d ruin the vibe is a strict no-no. Some people can be too uncomfortable in the presence of strippers, and would roll their eyes or show other signs of discomfort, thereby ruining everyone else’s mood. So, always invite people who are either as excited as you are, or have been to a stripper show before.
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Key takeaway

Not sure how to go about hiring the best strippers in town? Well, feel free to give us a try! Connect with us to plan the bachelor party in advance and hire some of the most gorgeous women in the industry. Give our sultry strippers in Sydney a try.

To know more about strippers and how you can book their services, feel free to comment below, and we’d post more such informative blogs. If you’ve ever hired a stripper in the past for a personal show/ event, we’d love to know your input and whether it was worth your time and money. Also, let us know what you loved the most about a private stripper show and whether you’d love to hire them again.

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