July 11, 2024

We think delicious seafood can make any meal into a memorable experience. Our goal has been to make excellent seafood accessible to everyone, every day, for the past 50 years, as well as to create a setting that elevates regular days to extraordinary ones. We want you to feel at ease as we transfer you to the coast, starting with our crew members’ warm smiles and expertly prepared food as well as our new, beach-themed restaurant décor.

Dining At Captain D’s Is Enjoyable

 We think dining at captain d’s shrimp special is enjoyable and that treating yourself and your family to a nice seafood meal shouldn’t be expensive. We work incredibly hard to ensure that Captain D’s is a place where you can share really wonderful seafood in a pleasant and family-friendly environment at an incomparable value, just as hard as we work behind the scenes to ensure the quality of our ingredients.

Seafood For More Than 50 Years And Counting

Initial Captain D’s On August 15, 1969, captain d’s shrimp special and Hamburgers, a predecessor to Captain D’s, opened in Donelson, Tennessee. We made it our mission from the beginning to offer premium seafood at competitive pricing, an idea that was ground-breaking in its day.

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The Longer The Happier

Who doesn’t enjoy inexpensive, delectable seafood? captain d’s shrimp special  and Hamburgers was a hit, and by 1973 we had established 15 locations around the country.

Invest In Seafood

In order to concentrate more solely on the traditional fish, shrimp, and side dishes that our customers had grown to enjoy and for which Captain D’s is now renowned, we changed the company’s name to captain d’s shrimp special in 1974.

Adjusting To The Tide

As Captain D’s gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, we experimented with brand-new, exciting menu items while also evolving our logo and building design.

 Sea The Distinction

We launched a brand-new, modern restaurant renovation in 2012 to improve the captain d’s shrimp special experience for our customers. As soon as you enter our doors, you will be taken to your preferred coastal destination thanks to the coastal ambiance and welcome atmosphere we have worked so hard to establish.

Getting Along Easily In The Future

Amazing food, great prices, and even better service have remained Captain D’s main commitments over the years. We’re convinced that you’ll continue to love your captain d’s shrimp special experience for years to come because of our strong legacy, the years we’ve spent developing our seafood cuisine, and the warmth we extend to every visitor at each of our more than 500 restaurants.

The Key To Outstanding Seafood

Nobody would deny our fondness for fish. Traditional American seafood is captain d’s shrimp special specialty, plus a few new customs that delight with novel tastes and flavors. And we are the best at it. We never deviate from the straightforward principle that the best food is made from quality ingredients and is cooked correctly

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whether we’re preparing an old favorite or exposing you to something deliciously different. Since the outset, we’ve strived to offer Full Meals that cater to the needs of every member of your family. And you know you can sit back, unwind, and take it all in when it’s done the Captain D’s Way.

The Captain D’s Way: What Is It?

It has to do with the attention and pride we take in delivering you a special seafood feast (that is appropriate for any occasion). It has to do with how we choose the greatest ingredients, like our wild-caught salmon, then prepare them for you right away: Our hand-battered, hand-breaded, or season-and-fire-grilled entire muscle fillets are all created to order.

Every day at our restaurants, we mix and make from scratch sides like our hush puppies and coleslaw. And our well-known Batter Dipped Fish is hand-dipped into the custom batter that we make every day in-house; the secret blend cooks to a crisp, irresistible delicacy.

Hooked On Excellence

At captain d’s shrimp special we think that everyone should be able to eat wonderful, reasonably priced seafood. To cook those meals especially for you, we begin by gathering the finest ingredients. To obtain our fish and seafood, we comb the seven seas as well as a few lakes and rivers. We take great care to ensure that our food is not only delicious but also of the greatest caliber. The fish we serve is a full fillet cut from the tenderloin since we don’t skimp on quality. At Captain D’s, we work hard to provide you with the highest-quality seafood while keeping our costs below the tidal range.

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Whole Fillet Is Today’s Featured Catch.

We haven’t ever caught a “fish stick,” as far as we know. Therefore, we have never provided for them. In actuality, we never offer any of that box-only, processed fish. And we take great pride in providing you with authentic fillets that have been cut entire from the fish’s tenderloin.

 Then we hand-bread, hand-batter, or season and grill it to perfection. Just split open your next piece of captain d’s shrimp special fish and you’ll notice the entire fillet difference; that’s the kind of fish we love.

Butterfly Shrimp, 15 Pieces

Your choice of two sides, along with hush puppies, are served with a generous quantity of our butterfly shrimp.

Pearl & Shrimp

With your choice of two sides, two batter-dipped fish fillets, and six butterfly shrimp are provided on captain d’s coupons discount. Fish dipped in batter with your choice of two sides and hush puppies, our renowned batter-dipped fish fillets are presented.

Luxury Seafood Plate

Two fish fillets, six shrimp, two seafood-stuffed crab shells, your choice of two sides, and hush puppies are included for those who want a variety of captain d’s shrimp special

Meal Of 1 Piece Spicy Fish And 6 Pieces Shrimp

Six pieces of our crispy Butterfly shrimp served with your choice of two sides, one piece of our bold spicy batter dipped fish, and hush puppies. butterfly shrimp, 12 pieces add 12 bread butterfly shrimp to any dish to make it your own.

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