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It is said that the Tarsar Marsar Trek is among the most relaxing and beautiful treks you’ve ever witnessed, and the name is a unique gesture to our ears every time we hear the word. The trek also encompasses an aspect of the Kashmir lake trek and is claimed to be the primary site to The Tarsar Marsar Trek, which is a perfect example of the incredible beauty that is surrounded by beautiful and relaxing scenes and showcases the natural beauty of the northern region of the Himalayan mountains. The trek consists of three major lakes in the alpines that is. Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundersar, which is surprisingly.

It’s one of the biggest tourist destinations in India As an excuse, the particular portion of Kashmir somewhat falls under an entirely different region of the second place. on the trek, you will witness this, and get an amazing view of the breathtaking panoramas of Kashmir.

The trek will take it through beautiful meadows amazing altitude pastures, and cosy forests all around. the trail is close to the lake’s shores that is one of the most enjoyable aspects to this Tarsar Marsar Trek and the gorgeous lakes on the area will make you love the lakes for sure. So let’s take a look at details about this trek. Great Tarsar Marsar Trek.


The location is Jammu and Kashmir in Anantnag district.

Trek altitude: 12,500 feet.

Highest elevation: 13,201ft long.

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Trek duration: 7days.

Trek Level: Moderate to difficult.

Age for trekking: Starting at the age of 12 up to the age of 55.

The best time to visit: The best time to go on the Tarsar marsar trek is between August and September.

Trek routes itinerary.

Day 1 from Srinagar to Aru(By driving) With a drive distance of 100kms over 3-4 hours.

Day 2: Start to trek Lidderwat from Aru area. It is a trek distance of 10kms within 6 hours of time. Altitude increase is between 7,958ft and 9,131ft.

Day 3: Trek From Lidderwart to Shekwas with a distance of 5.6kms with a time of 5 hours and altitude gains range between 9,131ft and 11,039ft.

Day 4 A trek through Shekwas up to Tarsar with a total distance of 5kms and 4 hours of time. The elevation gain ranges from 11,039ft up to 12,449ft.

Day 5: Start moving toward Sundersar from Tarsar with a distance of 5kms, which can take between 4 and 5 hours duration. The elevation increase is between 12,449ft and 12,964ft.

Day6: Continue to trek to Sundersar towards Homwas via Marsar and Homwas. The trek will last of 9kms over 7 hours of duration. The loss of altitude ranges from 12,964ft to 11,500ft, via 13,021ft.

Day 7: Trekking later towards Homwas and then Aru and return drive back to Srinagar with a distance of 13kms over 8-9 hours of duration. The altitude drop is between 11,500ft and 7,958ft.

Important notes.

Traveling involves the presence of various bad weather conditions also, which can create an obstacle for trekkers It is therefore important to know about climate issues before you plan to hike there.

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Identification cards, photoscopies medical certificates and identity cards are mandatory to be able to travel on Trek. If you do not have the original documents in paper then you are able to show digital duplicates( pdfs).

If you plan to stay for 7 days during the trek, you must make sure that you’ve got all the equipment and necessities included for your stay.

Note important note: twin sharing tents are not available in June, May, July, or August.

However, in other seasons they’re not in use and also the tents are constructed suitable for trekkers to stay in when they travel.


(ID cards are mandatory when receiving entry allowances at the forest office for the hike).

Bring two pairs of t-shirts 3 pairs of track pant two thick jackets with a balaclava, hand gloves, scarves caps, goggles with SPF 50+ sunscreen, trekking footwear and two pair of socks.

Cameras, mobiles, Chargers, Extra batteries for emergencies and plastic bags to wrap them in winters(snow) or monsoons.

Healthy, high-nutritive meals as well as snacks as well as water bottles.

Medical kit.

ORS powder Diamox(6), Avomine(5), Crocin(8), Disprin(5), Omez(6), Norflox(5) antiseptic liquid cream, and cotton roll, Crepe bandages, Gauze, Volin sprays and knee braces.


Explore new adventures and discover something new and exciting. The cool weekend can be more memorable and get away from the routine. Go on The Great alpine Tarsar Marsar Trek and take in the splendor of Kashmir. I would like to help in finding what you were seeking and also assist you in achieving it.

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