June 25, 2024

Probably the most noteworthy stop in the Kodagu locale, Tadiandamol has been a most loved among the adventurers as well as with nature sweethearts, bird watchers and photography lovers. The mountains have endured the declaration of time and have enlivened numerous since days of yours. We have a detailed guide for you for Tadiandamol trek which will help you plan your trek efficiently without any difficulties and make sure that you enjoy your weekend or holiday rather than stressing out and planning the trip all along. 


Tadiandamol Trek remains at a statute of 5700ft, situated a good ways off of 8 km from the town of Kakkabe and around 35 km from Madikeri.It is the highest pinnacle in Coorg and is nestled in the south-eastern part of Coorg. 

Length and duration of the trek

Traveling from Nalknad Palace till Tadiandamol top is a well known experience action in Kodagu. The Tadiandamol trekking trail is around 7 kms one way, classified as ‘Simple’ and can be finished in one day. 

Difficulty level

It is a moderate level trek which can be done by beginners as well as experienced trekkers. 

How to reach / trek route 

It leads you through the luscious greens of Shola forest, valleys, and rivers at an elevation of 5740 feet. The walk begins at Nalknad Palace, where large vehicles such as buses and tempo travelers can be parked for free. There is a motorable road until you reach the viewpoint, which is 2 kilometers away. This motorable route is only accessible to small vehicles. The trek to the highest point in Coorg starts from a forest entry where you need to buy tickets for the trek. You can go through the whole trek through charming and magnificent views having short breaks in between. 

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Best time to do the Tadiandamol trek

The best season to visit the pinnacle is during the long periods of December to May. What’s more, in the event that you are keen on journeying, the time is to go during late-fall. The peak is located 30 km away from  Virajpet.

Assuming that you are traveling during the storm, it will be significantly higher. Leeches start from this area and proceed with as far as possible until the prairie segment on the trip. You have now entered the main part of the Shola timberland. Tip: Apply Dettol or Savlon at the foundation of Tadiandamol to keep away from leeches assuming you are terrified of parasites.

Why to visit 

Tadiandamol is the most famous and highest peak of the Coorg area of Karnataka. It is the second highest mountain or peak in Karnataka state. Situated a good ways off of 8 km from the town of Kakkabe and roughly 35 km from Madikeri, Tadiandamol is in the south-eastern piece of Coorg. The pinnacle presents astounding open doors for traveling sweethearts. 

An exceptionally well known trip among the traveling local area of southern India. Tadiandamol Trek is quite possibly the most discussed journey between adventurers heading out to their traveling venture in the Western Ghats and, surprisingly, experienced adventurers. The trip additionally draws many visiting the renowned slope town of Madikeri or Coorg. 

Attractions at Tadiandamol trek

Kabbe hills

This excellent slope is situated at around 1.5 km from Chelavara falls. There is an adequate parking spot. Journey to the top of the slope is simply easy. View from top is astounding. 

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The journey is simple and exceptionally unwinding, the view from the highest point of the pinnacle is incredible and it really blows your mind. The alluring bumpy stretches and the sloppy way towards the pinnacle of the slope is an undertaking qualified to be investigated. 

Nalknad palace 

The palace was designed to be a safe haven for the king. The outer fence wall/entrance has been harmed. However if the place is closed you can peep from the outside to see what was going on inside. In previous reviews, someone mentioned that a variety of guides/caretakers can be tried during a visit to this location. Located in a very forested area. There is a resort and a waterfall nearby. If you enjoy exploring new areas and learning about history, this is a must-see. In comparison to Mysore, it is small/very palatial. The road isn’t in great shape. 

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