July 12, 2024

A Do It Yourself Guide

Do you remember the movie, SHOLAY!

Where was it shot?

Now you will know the Sholay movie is shooted in the unique spot for camping mango orchards at Ramanagara.

Ramanagara is a wonderful place where people love to go camping there. You can go there by your private vehicle or by public bus.

A small town located just a short distance from Bangalore, Which is a very favorite picnic spot of the people. There is a lot of adventure just like Rock climbing, tracking, and other adventurous Sports. If you love nature and also love trekking then this place is very right for you.


  • check -in the at the campsite.
  • Have lunch and play games.
  • Engage in activities.
  • Enjoy dinner.
  • Enjoy night sky.
  • Check-out from camp.


There are just things to keep in mind before planning the camping in Ramanagara-

  • Make sure you wear clothes according to the weather and a waterproof bag and your hiking shoes that will help you to climb.
  •  As the spot is non-technical so you just have to carry extra power back and batteries and most important torch.
  • Carry your ID proof and documentation with you for checking and also sufficient cash.
  • A first aid box and necessary medicines for an emergency should be taken with you.
  •  take the food items with you and water bottles also,

 I prefer to take some light and energetic foods like chocolates, dry fruits, energy bars, and glucose drinks.

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Ramanagara has located 50 km from Bangalore, previously it is called closepet, and later it is named Ramanagara from Ramanagari Hill which is close to the town.

Ramanagara is not so difficult in fact the Ramanagara night journey experience will give you a wonderful incredible experience in life.  The night journey in the Western Ghats with a moderate level distance of 22 kilometers and a height of 2451 feet.

At 22 km of distance and 2451 feet of altitude the ramanagara trek does not take much time to cover, While people take a long time to see the beauty of that place and over there they do their campaign for many days they want. 

Play Games like jumbo cricket, pyramid building, water volleyball. Further thrilling activities will also give you much enjoyment like Archery and ziplining.

Breakfast and dinner under the shadow of trees give a relaxed feeling and your mind is out of tension there, you only enjoy the moment.

You can enjoy kayaking and canoeing in the lake, swim in water and do much thrilling activities.

In Ramanagara you will also enjoy the moonlight under the blanket of the stars, the peaceful night gives you a wonderful experience ever.

After a long search, I got to found that the best time to visit the Ramanagara base camp is in winter, the temperature is Lovely in winter approx 17 degrees to 30 degrees celsius and you will enjoy it there very much.

Why choose the ramanagara trek?

The main reason to go and visit Ramanagara Trek is due to the Hike at night, daylight day treks are available anywhere but the night experience there is much different from others with the beauty of nature and the beautiful sight of the stars is lovely to see.

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You can make your tent there and do a bonfire that sounds relaxing and much more enjoyable movement crackers enjoy there.

Trekkers enjoy the stunning view of mountains when the sun rises and the incredible view of stars at night.

And that’s the main reason why choose Ramanagara Trek for camping.

For those who are looking for a much more adventurous place to visit with a beautiful site, I recommend them to visit Ramanagara Trek for camping with their friends family, or anyone else.


You reach the campsite secure by any means of transport, when you reach the ramanagara base the freshness will relax your mind(completely free from all tensions).

Further, as you move you got to see many adventure games and activities that you should try once that makes the trekking wonderful.

Games like jumbo cricket, pyramid building, water volleyball, etc, you will enjoy much.

Further thrilling activities will also give you much enjoyment like Archery and ziplining.

Breakfast and dinner under the shadow of trees give a relaxed feeling and your mind is out of tension there, you only enjoy the moment.

The facility staff is so good there, secured parking area and no type of threat because all are under the surveillance of the security guards.

A day full of enjoyment and a place with lush greenery will gear up your excitement level.

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