April 17, 2024
John Adams Morgan

Who are his wives? Who is his current wife? Find out in this article. Here are a few details about Quincy and Sonja Morgan. You can also discover the net worth of John Adams Morgan. But first, let’s take a look at John’s relationship with Sonja Tremont. In 1998, he met Sonja Tremont, a star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City. They got acquainted at a dinner on Madison Avenue. The two married in 1998 and had a son, Quincy Adams Morgan. However, they divorced in 2006, and John is currently married to Connie H. Morgan.

Sonja Morgan

The Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Tremont Morgan has recently shared some interesting details about her past marriage. She married J.P. Morgan, the great-grandson of John Adams. The two are related by their mother Catherine’s side. The couple divorced in 2006 and their daughter Quincy is now a college student. Sonja has never complained about her marriage to John Adams Morgan or alleged that there was disharmony in the relationship.

Restaurant’s Public Relations Guru

The couple met at a cocktail party at the San Pietro restaurant in Manhattan, where she was a hostess. Sonja was a popular socialite, and was also known as the restaurant’s public relations guru. Although the couple separated, many fans have remained loyal to their former spouses and are very happy to hear about their divorce. Besides being the wife of the former president of the United States, Sonja Morgan is a proud mother of three children.

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Sonja Morgan opened up about her relationship with ex-husband John Adams at a Bravo series, “Real Housewives of New York.” The former reality-show host began filming the show while she was in the middle of divorce proceedings. John never filmed a scene for the show and has never spoken publicly about the relationship. Nevertheless, she still considers him part of the family. However, she does like to keep a private life.


After their divorce, John and Sonja shared plenty of assets because of family ties. They even founded a banking firm, Morgan Joseph & Co., and bought a $9 million townhouse in New York. Eventually, the couple separated. Sonja later married her fifth wife, Connie, in 2006.

Quincy Adams Morgan’s

If you’re curious about Quincy’s relationship with John Adam, then you’ve come to the right place. John and Quincy had several relationships before meeting each other. Morgan had two previous marriages – to Tania Chute and Anne Chute – and is the father of Quincy Adams Morgan. His previous relationships lasted for a while before ending. The most significant of these relationships ended in divorce.

The relationship between Quincy Adams and John Adam Morgan started in 1998 when he was married to Sonja Morgan. The couple met when Sonja Morgan worked as a hostess at an Italian restaurant. The couple were married for ten years, but it is not clear how the relationship started or what they had in common. Their daughter is an artist, and she shares her art on social media. She may have picked up her creative side from her mother, as her mother has become more into charity.

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John Adams Morgan’s Net Worth

The actress and producer John Adams Morgan’s net worth is based on his acting career. He currently lives on a $19 million island near Connecticut. The island was purchased by Morgan, who also owns several other properties. He is married to several women over the years, including Elizabeth Robbins Choate and Tania Goss. Sonja Morgan, who filed for bankruptcy in 2011, never received the $3 million she was allocated. However, her net worth remains largely intact.

Born in Oyster Bay, Long Island, Morgan is descended from a wealthy family. His parents were Henry Sturgis Morgan and Catherine Frances Lovering Adams. The couple had two children, who died when he was five years old. John Adams Morgan completed his education at the Groton School in 1949 and went on to attend Yale University, where he studied business. During his college years, Morgan participated in the Helsinki Olympics and earned a gold medal in the six-meter class.

John Adams’s Hospitalization

After John Adams’s hospitalization, rumors began to circulate about Sonja and John’s troubled marriage. One of these rumors concerned Sonja’s spending habits and socializing during John’s recovery. While neither party has addressed these allegations publicly, many have speculated that Sonja is just eye candy for John. In season twelve, Elyse Slaine referred to Sonja as “his former accessory.” But according to Sonja, there’s nothing salacious about the couple’s divorce.


The two met in the late ’90s. They married in 1998, and their relationship lasted until 2006. The couple shared a daughter, Quincy Adams Morgan, during their eight-year marriage. While the couple was a happy couple for eight years, they eventually separated. Although they’ve maintained a shaky relationship since their divorce, they remain friends, and Sonja is proud to be single.

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