June 13, 2024

It is widespread these days for many women suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Moreover, a report claims that 20% of women deal with these phobias. Even many of them attempt suicide. But what can be a perfect solution? What can be a picture-perfect solution? What is the advice of health experts like ines de ramon?

Women’s Mental Health Problems-

If you walk on a city street, you will find a woman wearing a wrinkled dress. Toppwear and bottom wear don’t match with one another. Her hair is wizened. Moreover, her whole attire is not properly organized.

The first thing you will think about her is she is very unprofessional, disinterested, and unaware of her daily life. But, do you think it’s too fast to judge herself? Maybe she is facing serious mental illness. It can happen. Moreover, there is an almost 20% chance that it might be a sign of depression, anxiety, or any type of phobia.

What Can Be Probable Reason Behind It?

A report from a high-profile institution one out of five women suffers mental problems. But the question arises, why? Even they take suicidal attempts sometimes. So, what can be the extreme point of this illness that they take life risk?

As per reports, domestic social issues, trauma, unrealistic desire, social network, social media affect, and relationship abuse is the several primary reasons behind most women’s depression and anxiety.

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However, lots of women tried to come back in many ways, and others lost them in the depression. And the attire of the women reflects that mental health issues.

But, fashion has an impact serious on mental health. Everyone loves to wear new dresses and design fashionable clothes. It can seriously improve our mood and boost our confidence. Fashion designers, design dresses and choose colors in such ways that enhanced our character.

How does the Fashion Industry Boost Your Character?

After putting on a dress, and doing the make-up, every woman looks into the mirror. It is a very accustomed thing. Before, doing the dress-up, she has a pre-expectation. After doing that, if the fashion worked according to her expectations, she felt she can now conquer everyone. That satisfaction made the mood.

Moreover, we related every clothing and color with a special role. When we want to do something special we try to design it the same way. After wearing specific cloth, we moved to its character. And we are also aware that, we leave a special impression on others. For instance when you put on a police dress, automatically a responsibility and duty come on your shoulder. This can be a serious boost.

Not only clothes and dresses, but wearable watches, earrings, or scents also impact your fashion. For instance, if you go to a party and you use a sweet and vegan fragrance like coco chanel perfume, it will appreciate by others. And this appreciation can make your day.

If you choose clothes that are not comfortable for you and make you embarrassed, that can seriously impact you. You will think about that the whole day. And this will worsen your mental health condition more.

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End Words-

Fashion and clothes are not the only options. If you are facing mental health issues, there are more powerful ways. Throw the negative thoughts and intrusive feelings. Look inside you. Take a professional expert’s opinion. You are in this world for joy and to enjoy your life. When you return to your original state, you will find a new one inside you.

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