May 18, 2024

A report claims, that over 27 million workers in the fashion industry are suffering from illnesses caused by fashion-related works. But why the fashion industry is so hazardous to work in.

The fashion industry is all about new trends, glamour and designing clothes, and high aromatic fragrances. But there is a dark side, that is hidden behind it. This industry made a serious impact on its workers and our environment. Here we discuss some of the impacts.

Overuse Of Chemicals-

We use the final product. So, we cannot understand the toxic effects. But before coming to market a dress goes through several procedures. In some of them, very hazardous chemicals are used. Mostly in the dyeing, printing, and finishing processes, chemicals are used.

In the textile industry, there are a lot of harmful chemicals used. For instance, benzidine, solvents, brightness, fixative, flame retardants, and many more. Exposure to all these chemicals is serious danger for workers, as they directly worked with these toxic chemicals. As a result, most workers in the textile and fashion industry are at high risk of cancer, liver problems, and allergies.

Not only the textile industry, but fragrance company also a part of the fashion industry. And most of the brands have some chemicals that caused a serious effect on our skin. Similarly, it affects the worker that is connected with the fragrance industry. Therefore a vegan brand like coco chanel perfume is best for use.

Noise Issues-

The loud noise of textile machinery is a big problem. In the long run, this high noise can lead to damage to the eardrums and permanent hearing loss anytime. Most of the high-level noise is found in high facilities engaging the textile industry.

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Continuous hearing of this noise makes the worker more depressed, anxious, reduction of efficiency, sleeping disorder, and many more mental health issues. Even one can face high blood pressure type problems.

The main reasons behinds this types of noise is lack of efficient machine mainrttanace employee.

Long-Scarf Syndrome-

The fashion industry not only effects it worker, but also effects the consumer. From the last few decades, fashion trends are extremely dangerous for customers and followers. The term “fashion Victim” arises due to this problem. This term referred those people who follows fashion trends blindly. Moreover they are careless about their health and wealth. Long-scarf syndrome is one of those.

Other well-known fashion trends that lead people serious health issues or in some case death are black teeth, foot bindings, tapeworm diet, neck rings and many more.

Stage Injuries-

From outside we saw models are looking gorgeous. We thought rtheor life is full on glamour and fanci dress and luxurious lifestyle. They travelled many beautiful spots and photoshoots, then partying with celebrities, and dining in top class hotels. They are live on dream.

Many of these are true. But not eveerythoing and everytime. For instance, a unusual shoe, and the model has to walk on the runway for pgotoshoot. And many more crazy things happened with them. Many models suffered serious injuries on the time of photo shoot due to those crazy fashion elements.

Mental Health-

Mental health is also serious idssue to take care. Tthe fashion industry always affect its customer, workers models even the designers. It pressure every employee to be innovative. And this pressure cause several mental illness.

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If you are in this sector and you are also victims of mantal illness, take the advice of experst. A health coach and social influencer like  ines de ramon and many other might be the best advisor in this cause.

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