July 17, 2024
What To Ask Before Hiring An NDIS Service Provider?

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a support program started by the Australian government to help people with any significant or permanent impairment live as independently as possible. It provides the participants with all the necessary and reasonable support and funds but managing these funds and support can be a task. For that, the participants need to hire NDIS service providers who can help them better understand the plan and achieve their goals more effectively.

There are many service providers who are operating around the country, and finding an NDIS service provider  can be bewildering, considering the number of options you are presented with.

Below are some questions you ask before hiring a service provider for your NDIS plan to make sure that you don’t make any wrong decisions.

Are You Registered?

There are two types of providers working for NDIS, registered and non-registered providers. While registered providers are professionals who have gone through the screening process of NDIS, non-registered providers are the people who have chosen not to get themselves checked.

Usually, non-registered providers are not unprofessional service providers, and being non-registered does not mean that you cannot hire them. It is still a risk that you might not want to take. It is better to ask whether they are registered or not, so you know what you are dealing with.

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What Services Do You Provide?

It is extremely important to know what services the service providers deal with; you don’t want to hire a different service provider for each support. It is best if you look for a provider who can cater to all your needs to save you the trouble of dealing with several service providers. Ask them what services they offer and analyse if their services are relevant to your NDIS plan.


Choosing the first service provider you come across is not the best option for you. Comparing the prices of different service providers is essential to ensure that you get the best package. Other providers offer different pricing policies, and if you don’t do a market survey, you might end up hiring an expensive service provider and end up spending all your NDIS funding. Make sure you check their prices and ask questions related to them.

Measure The Distance

The distance is essential. If you find a service provider that is offering you the best package and services, but it is too far away from your house, it might be tiresome to commute for both parties. Look for someone close by so you can ask for assistance in case of an emergency.

Do You Offer 24/7 Service?

Being an NDIS participant, your condition might not always be stable. NDIS allows you to have support workers in case you feel changes in your symptoms and need immediate assistance; it’s your service provider’s job to provide that assistance on time. However, if the service provider you are considering does not offer 24*7 services and your condition demands them to be on the back and call, you should look for someone else.

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Are The Support Workers Trained?

You will not know who is assisting you until you hire the service provider, but it is essential to ensure that the provider you are hiring has trained and professional support workers. You will be in direct contact with them, so it is vital that they understand the severity of your condition and are experienced with the same, so they don’t make any critical mistakes.

Apart from managing your health, support workers must also be empathetic, friendly, and trustworthy, and these are some things that come with experience.

How Do You Handle The Feedback?

No matter how much effort they put into their services, there is something that can always go South, and in that case, the service providers must have dependable customer service. Ask them how they handle the complaints and feedback of their customers and whether they take it seriously or not.

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