July 12, 2024

A mixed martial arts career and worldwide fame, the bearded street fighter Kimbo Slice, which shows his internet popularity, has passed away. He was 42 years old. 

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Coral Springs Police Sergeant Carla Kimotech stated that Slice, whose real name was Kevin Ferguson, was taken to a hospital in Margate, Florida on Monday near his house.

The death of the slices was confirmed by his long-time manager Mike Eber. “We lost our brother today,” Member said in a text message to the Associated Press.


The cause of death was still not clear. Kimotech said that there is no active police investigation, and there is no suspicion of any kind of disturbance.

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Slice was a former-born former-football player and strip club bouncer, who began competing in non-approved street fights in 2003. In those matches, videos of his violent knockout win became popular online, for both his Punching Power and his distinctive, intimidating appearance.

He studied MMA and eventually participated in several promotions including UFC and Bellator, which staged his two most recent quarrels.


Slice’s death was also confirmed by Bellator CEO Scott Cocker, which promoted his return to MMA last year after five years of absence. Slice defeated Dafir “Dada 5000” Harris with a third-round knockout in Houston in February, but the results were reversed after positive testing of slices for the use of steroids.

“We are all shocked and unhappy with the destructive and untimely loss of Kimbo slices,” Kokar said. He was a sociable, benign giant and a dedicated family person outside the cage. Their departure to all of us. Has left with a heavy heart. “

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The slices were scheduled to title the Bellator 158 shows in a match against James Thompson in London next month.


The American Top Team, the leading South Florida gym, where Slice trained for many years, also mourned his death. The team said in a post on its Twitter account, “The ATT family and the South Florida community lost a veteran today.”


Slice Network was the star of the first MMA show aired on television, which defeated Thompson in May 2008 with a third-round knockout with a debunk EliteXC promotion on CBS. With slices and leading Fedarweight Jeena Karano as the top attraction, two CBS shows of EliteXC received a big television rating and introduced millions of spectators to MMA.

While he overtook 5–2 and never won the championship belt, the slices became one of the most famous persons in MMA, who attracted a big television audience and crowd into his growing game. He also made a pro boxing career between the stents in the cage, ahead 7–0 with six knockouts from 2011-13.


For all his magnificent in-case swagger and viral fame, slices were exceptionally honest about their fighting abilities. He claimed to be an MMA newcomer with a lot to learn about his new game, never claimed to be a big puncture for his family, while constantly trying to learn other topics of the game…


Slice told AP in an interview in 2010 before his second UFC battle, “Those who are holding the title, heavyweight and light heavyweight, these people are amazing.” “I am spending just the day of happiness in the middle – being among them, fighting on the undercard, just contributing to UFC and sports. I want to do the same. I want to do this. I want to win a title or anything like that. I am not curious. I am just enjoying every fight. “

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