May 23, 2024
Gum Pinkening

You’re walking down the street on your way to meet friends for lunch when you notice how white and healthy your friend’s teeth look as she smiles at you. You ask her if she’s been using some new whitening toothpaste or flossing more than usual, but she tells you she hasn’t changed anything except her regular dentist appointment routine. And that’s because the teeth are naturally whiter — they have been pinkened with Britegums Pinkening Procedure!

What Is Gum Pinkening?

Gum pinkening is a method by which we make your gums become pinker. This does not affect your teeth, although it may be accompanied by whitening as well. Why would you want that? Well, who doesn’t want a super-healthy smile? If you have been wondering how to pinken gums, you are in luck! Britegums has made gum pinkening easily accessible through our offices all over North America. You can even get gum pinkened online! We use noninvasive methods and natural ingredients that will leave your mouth feeling rejuvenated. Want teeth whiter than white too? Don’t worry, we got you covered there too—check out our whitening packages for great deals on getting both at once!

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How Does It Work?

Britegums is an at-home whitening treatment that uses pink, pigmented gum designed to remove stains from your teeth and give you a more radiant smile. After wearing Britegums for just 45 minutes every day for 30 days, users report their teeth as many as eight shades brighter and whiter. With our easy four-step program, there’s no way you can mess up Britegums and end up with stained teeth or pink gums. Check out our website if you want proof!

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How can I Get Started With Gum Pinkening?

Britegums is easily incorporated into your existing dental care routine. Simply visit us once a month and we’ll take care of everything from there. Once you start, you’ll notice your gums becoming pinker every time! Best of all, it won’t be long before you go from having unsightly gummy teeth to natural-looking ones. If you want professional assistance with pinkening your teeth, get in touch today!

What Are The Benefits?

One of the best features of gum pinkening is that it’s easy to apply. You simply brush your teeth and then, using a special pinkening, simply rub it onto your gums. Although there is no guarantee that you will see results within 30 days, we guarantee that there won’t be any serious side effects after our procedure. In addition, those who undergo gum pinkening at Britegums also receive complimentary whitening for their teeth. This makes your smile significantly whiter and brighter than it was prior to having pinkened gums! What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today!

How Long Do Results Last?

Some patients’ results last six months; others report two years of continued pinkness. It all depends on how long it takes your teeth and gums to return to their natural color—and that’s determined by your genes and whether you smoke or drink coffee regularly. Although each case is different, we believe gum pinkening is one of the most lasting forms of cosmetic dentistry available today.

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