June 22, 2024
How to Protect Your Apple iPhone from Scratches

Scratches on your iPhone can be unsightly and ruin the appearance of the phone. If you are tired of seeing scratches on your phone’s screen, then you will want to learn how to protect against them. Scratches happen because we use our phones while they are lying flat on a table or desk. Therefore, most of the time, they get scratched because they are in contact with other abrasive surfaces such as keys or other items that are not made to be handled frequently. Scratches also take place when you put your phone in a pocket with sharp things – like coins – or rough things – like sandpaper – that scratch your phone’s screen over time. As long as your phone is not protected from scratches, it will get ruined fast.

Keep your phone in the case when you can’t protect it

If you are going to put your iPhone in a case or use a mobile skin template, then the best thing you can do to protect it is to keep it in the case at all times. This is not only because you will be less likely to damage it by dropping it, but also because when you take it out of the case, it can become scratched that way as well. Therefore, it is best to keep your case on your phone at all times.

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Cases come in many different varieties, and some are made to be used with a particular type of phone. Therefore, you need to make sure that the case is compatible with your phone. Also, make sure that the case you choose is not too bulky or heavy, as this will also increase the chances of breaking your phone. Many cases also have openings that allow you to use the buttons on the phone, but if you are going to keep your phone in a case all the time, then this is an unnecessary risk to take.

Wrap your phone in a protective material

Wrap your iPhone in a clear plastic or glass film if you are not going to put it in a case. This will help protect it from scratches and fingerprints, although it will not prevent damage from dropping it very hard. Scratches will only happen if you leave it lying on a desk or table unprotected. So, this method will only work if you are not going to be putting your phone down on a surface and more.

Protect your iPhone with an anti-fingerprint screen protector

If you choose to keep your phone in a case and wrap it in a plastic or glass film, you should also protect the screen with an anti-fingerprint screen protector. These protectors are made to prevent your oils from smudging the screen, thereby keeping the screen clear and scratch-free. If you are worried about your phone’s screen getting scratched, then an anti-fingerprint protector is a good idea. When you are using the phone. The oils on your fingers will cause fingerprints on the screen. Which will eventually lead to scratches. An anti-fingerprint protector will keep your phone’s screen oil-free, thereby lowering the risk of scratches. In addition, anti-fingerprint protectors are often made to be transparent so that you can see the phone’s screen clearly.

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Try out different ways to protect your iPhone from scratches

If you wrap your phone in a plastic or glass film. Then you can also try placing an old sock over the screen. This will cushion the screen and protect it from being scratched. It is important to remember that the screen should be covered, not the outside of the phone. If you are worried about the outside of the phone getting scratched. Then you can try placing a soft cloth over it instead. Another method you can try is to place a kitchen mat or a coaster on the table where your phone is lying. This will help protect your phone from getting scratched because it will lie on a soft surface.


It is important to keep your iPhone in a protective cover when it is not with you. This way, your phone will be protected from unnecessary damage, such as scratches. There are several ways you can protect your phone from scratches, including using a case, wrapping your phone in a plastic or glass film, and using an anti-fingerprint screen protector. They will all help keep your phone safe from scratches. You should also remember that scratches on the screen will only occur if your phone is not covered and is lying on a surface. Therefore, if you are worried about the screen getting scratched. You should not put your phone down on a surface or leave it unprotected.

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