May 23, 2024

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Playing a sport is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy while having fun. There are plenty of sports to choose from such as baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming, and many more. Soccer is one of the most popular on both kids and adults. If you’re planning to learn how to play soccer, it is important that you have the complete gear as well for safety while practicing and to learn the basics the right way.

Soccer isn’t that expensive unlike other sports. With just a few gears to buy, you could already get started in this active and fun sport. Here are the basic gears you’ll need if you want to learn soccer.

Soccer Ball

Basically, you’ll need your own soccer ball to practice on the basics of the sport. When you buy soccer ball, opt for the standard ones to get the feel of the regular ball used when playing the sport. Look for quality ones from a trusted brand to be assured of durability and make your investment worth it.

Soccer Cleats

Soccer is played using the feet and legs. It is important to have the right gear for these parts to protect you from injury and help you play better as well. Soccer cleats refer to the shoes worn while playing the sport. It provides good support to the feet while running through a soccer field and protects the foot while kicking or blocking the ball.

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Shin Guard

Soccer is an active and contact sport that’s why it requires complete protective gear when playing. The shin is one of the body parts that is highly prone to injury when playing soccer. To avoid this, a player needs to wear shin guards to cover and protect that part, reducing the risk of injury to that area.


To keep the shin guards more secure and cover them, you’ll need to wear socks. Look for long socks that could be worn over the shin guards. Moisture-wicking ones are perfect since they keep your feet dry even when it is sweating a lot while playing.

Practice Outfit

While soccer players get their uniform when they join a team, you need to have your own practice outfit if you’re still learning how to play the sport. Sweat wicking sports shirt and shorts are the most recommended ones when practicing soccer because of the comfort and dryness it brings to the wearer. Choose ones that fit properly so you’ll be comfortable to move around while playing.

Goalkeeper Gloves

If you’re trying to be a goalkeeper, you’ll need gloves to protect your hands from injury when catching a fast-moving ball. Goalkeeper gloves also provide better grip and control to the ball because of its material.

With those basic soccer gear, you can already start learning how to play the sport whether it is just for a hobby or you’re really aiming to get into a professional team. Play safely and have more fun by wearing complete gear while practicing or playing soccer.

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