July 11, 2024

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Whatever industry or sector your business is in, you have to be efficient in handling your goods and products. A key element for efficient material handling is using pallets for shipping and storage. Using the pallets for shipping and storage of your products would maximize product flow while ensuring that the products are safe and complying with regulatory compliance processes and procedures.

Pallets are crucial in material handling. It goes beyond simply keeping your products organized and protected when they are being transported or stored in your storage facility. One of the most preferred type of pallets is the wood pallet. Alternately, there are more contemporary pallets made of plastic, aluminium, steel, or wire mesh, that are also available and may be more suitable for your needs and requirements.

When choosing which pallet should be used for your business, the principal use of the pallets should always be taken into account. Make the best decision for your business by knowing the different materials used for pallets and their intended use.

Plastic pallets

The pallet industry is slowly being taken over by plastic. It is significantly and positively impacting the industry because they are taking over the wood pallets in inventory more and more and with good and logical reasons. This is because plastic pallets have several advantages over wood. Take into account the advantages of buying plastic pallets for your inventory such as a Nally megabin.

Plastic pallets offer you real value if you are looking for pallets that are safe to use, durable and long lasting, and are reliable for use. When you purchase plastic pallets, especially in a closed loop system, your return on investment would be significantly higher compared to using pallets made out of other materials.

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Aluminium pallets

Aluminium pallet on the other hand is advisable if you need a lightweight pallet option but with strong structural integrity. This is favoured by many businesses because if treated properly aluminium pallets can last for a long period of time giving you back your money’s worth because you would not be replacing them frequently. This will have a huge impact on your expenditures and would yield an unimaginable return on investment.

Presswood pallets

Pallets made of presswood could also be an ideal option for you depending on the circumstances. Presswood is a recyclable by-product of wood and might be the best option if you need a pallet to export goods internationally or the domestically without expecting it to come back.

Presswoods are expendables and are designed for one-way shipping since they are cheap to produce and would not affect your business even if you do not get them back after shipping your products. They are also safe to use because there are no nails or splinters when manufactured. There are also no contaminants which makes them ideal for international shipping.

inquire with professionals the correct material of pallets that best suits your business. If you are using pallets that are designed for what you intend them to use, you would be able to prolong their use and you would not need to constantly replace them since they are less likely to be damaged.

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